Tips For Proper Anti Aging Skin Care

Tips For Proper Anti Aging Skin Care

Tips For Proper Anti Aging Skin Care The sign of the first wrinkle can send many women scurrying to their beauty experts. It becomes really difficult to accept the changes that take place in our complexion and skin care regime, as years start reflecting in dark spots, freckles, dry skin and other signs of aging.However, a little alteration in the skin care processes can help you retain your good looks and natural complexion.

Proper Care for the Aging Skin

As we grow older, it becomes really important to give due importance to skin care. For the most effective results, it is necessary to split up the skin care routine into three parts – cleaning, moisturizing and “thinning”

The Cleaning Process

The best way to keep the skin clean in this period, is by using unperfumed soap and water to wash the face and neck. Cleansing milk or lotions are also very effective in cleaning the skin, but care must be taken to avoid creams, as they tend to stretch the skin. Rinse your face with loads of warm water after applying soap or cleansing milk.

Do not rub the cleansing milk off with a swab of cotton wool or tissue, as the act leaves behind dirt and helps in the buildup of dry skin. Mild soap and cleansing milk should be used on alternate days for the best results. After cleaning, pat your face dry, with a soft towel or napkin. It is important to use a cleaner before sleeping to remove all traces of makeup, dirt or grime.

The Moisturizing Process

As the skin ages, the natural moisture levels tend to reduce, leaving the skin dry. Moisturizing is the most important step in anti aging skin care. Loads of moisturizer that suits your skin type should be applied regularly, to preserve the natural looks of your skin.

After cleaning your face and patting it dry, apply moisturizer before the skin dries “naturally”. This helps in retaining the smoothness and softness of the skin. A heavier cream or moisturizer should be used at night as the same penetrates into the pores over the 7-8 hours of rest and inactivity. Any extra traces of the moisturizer or anti aging night cream, which has not been absorbed by the skin after 5 minutes of application should be wiped off with a soft tissue.

Tips For Proper Anti Aging Skin Care

Ordinary emollients such as petroleum jelly or cold creams are equally effective in retaining the natural Ph balance of the skin. Special moisturizers made from herbal or natural products or creams containing hormones, are becoming increasingly popular for aging skin care.

The market for beauty products is flooded with different varieties of anti aging products. The increasing levels of consciousness in women for retaining their good looks, are encouraging many players in launching an entire range of anti aging skin care products. Despite all the elaborate claims, they all work on the same basic principles of retaining moisture in the skin and preventing dryness, which slows down the natural wrinkles and aging process.

“Thinning “Your Skin

The process of “thinning” the skin may sound like a complicated process, but in simple terms it refers to the process of removing the dead particles of the skin ,that roughen the surface and provide it a lifeless and dull appearance. It’s a process of gentle exfoliation that helps in the removal of dead cells and encourages the growth of new ones.

Facial skin “thinning” is usually done with a sponge or a slightly rough brush which has been well lathered with soap or a mild cleansing agent. The process of thinning should not be done for more than 30 seconds and should be restricted to twice a week.

Alternatively, you can mix a teaspoon of table salt with a teaspoon of your face cream and make it into a paste. The application of this paste on the face in simple circular motion will help remove the dead epithelial cells and provide a natural glow and sheen, leaving it looking younger and softer. However, it is important to clean the face thoroughly after the “thinning” process and apply plenty of moisturizer or face cream to rehydrate the aging skin.

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Giving Yourself a “Face lift”

Face Mask

You can go in for a natural face lift every fortnight that will make you look and feel particularly good. A face mask helps in deep cleaning and stimulating the facial skin. The face mask increases the blood flow to the skin, making it feel “fuller” and rejuvenated. The fine lines and wrinkles become less noticeable for a temporary period.

You can browse through an amazing range of face masks made from different natural products on the shelves of the beauty stores. One of the simplest and most effective face masks for aging skin is the application of the beaten white of an egg, which is helps in cleaning, rehydrating and making the skin appear tighter and smoother. The mask should be left on for 20 minutes and then washed off with plenty of warm water.

Facial Sauna

Another simple tonic that helps greatly in anti aging skin care is a face sauna. Apply a warm and wet flannel to your face for five minutes and then put on loads of face cream while the pores are still open.

Tips For Proper Anti Aging Skin Care

This is the best technique for the absorption and maintenance of moisture in the skin.

Application of the Correct Make Up

Used correctly, make up proves to be a great boon for aging skin. Remember to steer clear of oily or greasy foundations and use a make up base that is slightly tinted. After powdering the face, damp it all over with a tissue to prevent a floury look. It is important to wear a hat or make up that contains the requisite SPF factors, before going out into the sun.

If you have applied lipstick, then remember to moisturize and protect it with petroleum jelly or a lip salve.It is important to remove all traces of foundation and make up before you retire for the day. The normal make up removal processes should be followed by the cleansing process mentioned above.

A careful anti aging skin care regime can definitely help you look younger and wonderful for a long time. After all, in this case, it’s not the years in your skin, but the life in your skin that matters in the long run.