Tips For Quick And Easy Makeup For Pale Skin

Makeup for pale skinPale, porcelain or alabaster skin is very light and requires gentle and soft colors to accentuate lovely eyes and a full, voluptuous mouth. Dark or very bright colors look harsh against a paler backdrop detracting from the appearance rather than adding to it. Makeup for pale skin needs to be subtle, fine and soft, yet make a bold statement at any social occasion.

Pale skin is very delicate and prone to wrinkles and ageing easily. Porcelain skin is also prone to sun damage and you must take very good care of your skin, shielding it against the harsh sun with hats and scarves. Use the best quality makeup to protect your skin against harsh chemical treatment and prevent damage. Following is a list of makeup tips for pale skin to make you look your best anywhere, anytime!

Best Makeup Tips For Pale Skin

Soft Lip Color

Bright hues and colors can look very unattractive with pale skin given the extreme contrast of color. If you have pale skin stay away from fiery reds, blazing oranges, magenta, burgundy and other bright lip colors. Stick to shades of lipstick that highlight your lips without the glaring, harsh and unappealing look .

rosy lipstick

Go for sandy pinks, rosy pinks, peach and soft apricots or other light colors that flow gently on your lips for a beautiful mouth! Dazzle on the dance floor or blow your colleagues away with subtle, sensual, barely-there colors that still make a powerful statement at office, in a party, on an outing with friends and every place else.

Tinted moisturizer

Keep your prized pale skin sheer with just a hint of moisturizer or tinted moisturizer. If you have great skin that is not freckled, spotted, oily or patchy, dare to go bare! You can afford to dab a little concealer on little spots while sporting a fresh, natural look. Minimal moisturizer or tinted moisturizer works great for pale skin makeup will prevent your face from looking pasty or caked with foundation and powder.

Color Your Brow Right

Brown eyebrows

Pale skin makes brow coloring a little tricky. Shades of blonde, brown or red contrast too much against fair skin and could end up clashing against dark hair detracting from the overall effect. Dilute your brow color with grays and a hint of white to match better with your skin tone and turn your brows an appealing ash hue!


Great makeup for pale, porcelain skin involves using subtle eyeliner to enhance the shape of your eyes without being overly bright. Avoid running your eyeliner all the way through the inner corner of your pretty eyes to the outer corner. The liner will contrast sharply against your skin making too bold a line, bordering on harsh.


The high contrast can detract from your eye and cause attention to linger entirely on the liner. Opt for light colored eyeliners like a gentle brown or grey instead of black and run it along your natural lash line, blending gently with your lashes. A neat little tip is to sweep white eyeliner along your lower lash line to for a pleasant effect, opening your eyes even more.

Eye Shades

Soft, light eye colors look great as fair skin makeup. Pale shades and nudes are the best colors for pale skin as they tend to blend with your face adding to the overall effect. When you use light tones, your face looks attractive with a barely-there look, a key factor in makeup. Champagne, peach, soft pinks, grays and light brown are great eye colors for pale skin.

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Naturally pale skin looks great with soft blush colors like pale pink, peaches, light reds and apricot. These colors work great with alabaster skin, matching the skin tone for a soft, feminine look.


Do not go for bright reds, deep maroon or any of the other strong colors, the contrast is too strong and will give your face a harsh, unappealing look. Prized porcelain skin looks best in light colors and pale makeup that match your skin tone!

Avoid Brown Tones


Brown hues in lip colors and blush are old school and do not agree with pale skin at all. These colors only serve to impress on onlookers the lack of brown tones in your skin. Look for gold, peaches, picks, apricots, honey and light red undertones instead of shades of brown.

Experiment With Color

Go crazy with fun colors and hues for your face! Experiment with beige, bronze, gold, honey, coral, peach, sunsets, rose, pinks, reds, orange, tan and a range of lip, blush and eye colors for a subtle yet beautiful look as you head out to a party! Mix and match colors to look your prettiest at any social occasion.

Follow these pale skin makeup tips to look your best all the time!