2 Best Tips for Silky Hair

To have a nice personality, it is very important to have silky and smooth hair. It is very essential to take a good care of your hair so as to get a pretty look. To hair silky hair, it is not always necessary to spend like crazy.

Silky Hair

You can do it naturally with the help of some herbal things and doing a little home care. So here are some things that can be done to attain attractive hair.

Firstly, you must switch to a herbal shampoo and totally dumb the one that has chemicals which damage hair instead of doing any good. Choose the one that have natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, honey, yogurt, etc. never use the shampoo that works as a conditioner i.e. two in one shampoo.Its better that you use shampoo and then apply a good conditioner on towel dried hair. Stop using much of hair styling products like hair serum, hair gel, and hair spray and heat appliances on your hair. In long run, they damage your hair.You can also apply mixture of yogurt and egg white on the scalp and massage fifteen minutes before you take a head wash. This would help you to get rid of split ends, brings instant shine and smoothness to hair and keeps them beautiful.

yogurt and egg white

Do not go for any permanent hair treatment like re bonding or hair curling as they damage the hair root which makes the hair brittle and rough. You must also keep a check over your diet and drink loads of juices and protein rich food. In fact, you must have eggs in your breakfast as it has a great amount of proteins.Some basic things like washing hair regularly, combing frequently and minimizing the sun exposure always helps. Do hair massage with coconut oil at least twice in a week as it gives nutrition to hair.Get your hair trimmed in every two months as it helps hair to grow and also it sheds off the dry hair ends. You may also take hot towel treatment once in a week as it rejuvenates hair.

coconut oil