Tips For Women Who Are 14 Weeks Pregnant

Tips For Women Who Are 14 Weeks Pregnant

Tips For Women Who Are 14 Weeks Pregnant Pregnancy is one of the most critical phases in the life of a woman. It is one of those periods when she really needs to take care of her body and her health. Also, she needs to give full attention to the care of the baby developing inside her. The first trimester is one of the most difficult out of all the three trimesters in which the pregnancy period can be divided.

However, the 14th week is the first week of the second trimester and brings along a lot of changes in the body and in the baby. For every woman, it is very significant to have a handy guide about all the major and minor changes that will take place in her. You should very well be aware of all the transformations that will occur, so that you can be ready for it.

Here in this health guide, there are simple tips and guidelines mentioned for 14 week pregnant ladies so that they don’t have to face any crisis or problems. It will also give them a deep knowledge on what to expect during this time and how to handle all kinds of alterations.

14th Week Pregnancy Guide for Women

Headaches are a Common Problem Now

According to professionals, a woman can suffer from frequent headaches during their 14th week of pregnancy. This is one of the common changes that you can expect in your body.

Headaches during pregnancy

However, if these headaches are severe in nature make sure you visit your gynecologist for consultation.

The Size and Weight of the Baby

Women tend to be really inquisitive during their pregnancy about how the child looks and what his/her size is after every week. During the 14th week, the child has gained the size of a tangerine and generally weighs 100 grams. The length of the baby can vary from 10-11 cms in size.

Every week there are some critical and major developments in the baby. The 14th week is the onset of the second trimester of pregnancy and there are two significant transformations in the bodily progress of the child. The bone marrow begins to advance now and there are some facial expressions that they start making. There is movement of the baby in the amniotic fluid and you might sense fluttering in the stomach because of fetal movements.

Pregnancy Aches

You can suffer from pregnancy aches in the abdomen which can be due to the stretch in the uterus. This is the actual time when the body starts showing all signs and signals that you are expecting a baby.

Pregnancy Aches

However, you can opt for a soak in the bath tub if you want to get over the pains in a hassle free manner.

Some Random Symptoms

During the 14th week you can observe that the need to urinate has decreased as compared to the first trimester which will again aggravate during the third part of pregnancy. Where the breast is concerned, it will feel less soft and tender contrary to what you felt in the first three months but the growth in the size will be still visible. Along with this you will suffer less issues of fatigue, nausea and vomiting tendencies since there will be no more morning sickness. Increase in the appetite and hunger pangs will be felt on a much frequent basis.

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