Tips For Women Who Are 32 Weeks Pregnant

Tips For Women Who Are 32 Weeks Pregnant

Tips For Women Who Are 32 Weeks Pregnant Pregnancy as we all know is one of those periods of life in a woman where she not only experiences various drastic changes but also the awesome feeling of a baby developing inside her. It is undoubtedly one of the best phases in a woman’s life. On the contrary, since there are innumerable transitions in the body, it becomes very important to have a deep knowledge about everything and anything that is related to pregnancy.

During pre-pregnancy period a woman should make sure she learns everything about the weekly changes that she will go through. This will be good for the baby as well as for the mother to be.

The 32nd week is the last week of the 8 month of pregnancy and brings with it a lot of alterations and it is almost for the time of delivery. Here in this health guide for women, there are all the tips and guidelines that a 32nd week pregnant woman should know.

Guide and Suggestions for 32nd Week of Pregnancy

The Size and the Weight of the Baby

You can expect the baby to be of a certain length and weight during the 32nd week of pregnancy. According to professionals and doctors, the baby is approximately 30 cm in length and about 5 lbs in weight. Keep in mind that anything lower than this means that the baby is a little weak.

The Increased Kicks

During the 32nd week also known as the 8th month of pregnancy, you can feel a lot of kicks by the baby. This is one of the most beautiful and out of the box experience that you can look forward to.

Tips For Women Who Are 32 Weeks Pregnant


However, the movements that the baby used to make will decrease since it has grown bigger and there is not much space to move around.

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You Will Feel Contractions

Another major change that you will go through in the 32nd week is the increased contractions of the uterus. The muscle movements in the uterus that happens at this time is famously known as Braxton-Hicks Contractions and is quite a normal symptom for a pregnant woman in her third and final trimester. For these contractions to decrease, it is best to drink as much water as possible and urinate. This will lower the problem to a great level.

The Body Developments of the Baby

The toenails, fingernails and hair are some of the parts that grow during this period of time. The skin also softens and smoothens. The skin loses all the wrinkles and firming is proceeded.

Have Good, Nutrition Packed Meals

These last few weeks helps the baby to gain weight as compared to all the three trimesters. If you are looking towards a healthy and plump baby, it is best suggested that you take loads of nutrients and healthy meals in the third trimester, 32nd week included. Include loads of vitamins, minerals and protein in the daily diet and eat every two hours. Also, drink loads of fresh juices and other healthy liquids to keep the body hydrated.

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