8 Good Diet To Lose Weight

8 Good Diet To Lose Weight

Billions of dollars are spent every year by Americans on weight loss products and pills.Most of them come with hazardous side effects playing havoc with your weight loss plans.A large majority of these products remain highly ineffective despite their claims on helping you achieve the figure of your dreams.

Did you know that a few additions to your grocery list can help you trim a few inches off your waistline?Kicking the candy addiction and incorporating some of these healthy foods in your diet can help you achieve the body of your dreams besides giving you a nutritional boost.

Good Diet Tips To Lose Weight


Eggs are a great way of starting your day and kick starting your metabolism.Eggs are full of protein and protein is needed not only to build lean muscle but also to give satiety.Have an egg every day to ward off hunger pangs. You can have it boiled, poached or scrambled with just a sprinkling of olive oil.



The enzyme cholecystokinin is found in beans and acts like a natural appetite suppressant.That is why a meal of beans gives tremendous satiety and keeps you feeling fuller for longer.


It is high in fiber and also rich in protein. Have a bowl of beans like red kidney beans along with your regular meals to enhance your calorie burning potential.


Salads that contain a generous dose of veggies and fruits are great for preventing meal time binges.Have a salad that contains lettuce, tomatoes, olives, flaxseeds and fruits to stave off hunger pangs.Salads also contain vital anti-oxidants and vitamins which strengthen your body internally even as you continue to lose weight. Eat your salads without the dressing.


Green Tea

A cup of green tea is loaded with anti-oxidants called as catechins that help to speed the body’s metabolism and enhance your fat burning potential.Have 2-3 cups of sugarless green tea to maximize your weight loss potential.

green tea

Pears And Apples

Known as the wonder fruits, these fruits are great to have as in between meal snacks.They are loaded in fiber and antioxidants that keep you from getting hungry and stabilizing your blood sugar such that it is maintained at an even keel.



Have soups like chicken soup and lentil soup.Had just before a meal it sends a signal to the brain,reducing your craving for other foods. The brain perceives this as filling and you are thus prevented from bingeing on unhealthy snacks.


Olive Oil

A dash of olive oil in your food and salads gives you the vital omega -3 fatty acids that help to bust fat and lose weight. It is also known to boost metabolism.

olive oil

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Ten Foods That Help You Lose Weight


An ideal spice for diabetics, it is known to prevent the sudden spikes and dips in blood sugar.Just sprinkle some on your cut apple and enjoy the myriad benefits this spice provides.



It has been well researched that having 2-3 helpings of grapefruit or its juice just before a meal helped people shed 3 pounds over a period of 12 weeks.



Eat a handful of nuts in between your meals.They not only fill you up but are also packed with the goodness of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids that help to shed weight and make you leaner in the process.