Tips On Eating Healthy To Lose Weight

Lose weight

Lose weightIt has been rightly said that exercise and diet go hand in hand especially when you want to tone up or knock off those stubborn pounds. Many people fail to reach and achieve their fitness goals because they have no control whatever on what they eat.

No amount of time spent in the gym will compensate for a poorly planned diet or incorrect nutritional habits. Eating healthy is an important aspect of staying fit and trim for life. It will need some discipline and lifestyle changes on your part to be able to see results. Here are some fabulous tips on eating healthy to lose weight.

Tips To Lose Weight With Healthy Eating

Do Not Miss Breakfast

Start your day with a moderately heavy and wholesome breakfast. People who ate breakfast everyday lost more weight compared to those who regularly skipped breakfast. There are two reasons for eating breakfast. One after a long night of fasting, your body metabolism becomes sluggish. In order to kick-start it, the body needs wholesome calories to rev up the metabolism and speed up calorie burning.

Secondly, eating a nutritious breakfast ensures that you do not feel hungry later in the day. Acute hunger pangs are likely to make you reach out for that greasy burger or pizza which is loaded in calories. Make it a point to always eat breakfast. There are a number of healthy breakfast options like pancakes, eggs and toast, idlis, sandwiches or a delicious fruit smoothie. Top it up with a bowl of fruits, which are loaded in fat burning anti-oxidants. Eating breakfast will ensure that you have enough energy to expend for the rest of the day.

Eat 6-8 Small Meals Throughout The Day

The old age rule of eating three large meals has now been relegated to the backburner because of its unhealthy effects on the body. Eating three large meals makes you slow, sluggish and also causes you to feel hungry and reach out for calorie-laden snacks.

Lose weight

It is important to eat 3 major meals and 2 small snacks in between. This keeps your body metabolism elevated and prevents sudden dips and spikes in the blood sugar, which could leave you hungry an irritable. Eating regularly will keep your tummy full and also burn calories throughout the day.

Eat Something Before And After Working Out

More often than not people exercise on a hungry stomach and wait too long to fuel their tired muscles after a high intensity workout. It is very important to eat a healthy snack an hour before you work out. Eat some nuts, banana or some whole-wheat biscuits, which will give a constant supply of energy to you for working out.

Make sure you eat a high protein snack immediately after working out as protein acts as a fuel source for muscle repair and recovery. Some people make the huge mistake of not eating a high protein snack soon after their training and they end up not seeing the results that they want to see.

Switch To Healthy Fats

Losing weight does not mean that you have to swear off all forms of fat. Certain fats called as essential fats are actually good for your body. They help to burn calories and also reduce the bad cholesterol in the body. These include polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids.

Omega-3 fatty acids found in olive oil, nuts, flaxseeds, avocadoes and fatty fish are good for the body and also give a healthy tone and look to your hair and skin. What you need to do is stay away from Trans fats and saturated fats, which make you, put on weight. These are unhealthy fats, which are found in cookies, cakes, pastries and ice creams. Have them in strict moderation and you will see your waistline shrinking.

Drink Enough Water

Lose weight

Along with a healthy diet, it is also important to drink enough water to keep your system hydrated. Aim to drink at least 7-8 glasses of water throughout the day. Water hydrates the muscles and keeps your tummy full thus preventing possible binge fests.

Stick To Complex Carbs

More and more people are now switching to complex carbs and banning refined carbs from their diet. Refined carbs are not only unhealthy and loaded in calories but they also spike up your blood sugar, thus making you want to eat again within a short span of time.

Eating complex carbs on the other hand releases sugar into your blood slowly and prevents sudden spikes in the blood sugar. This means that you will actually feel full for a longer period of time. Complex carbs are found in grains like ragi, jowar, bajra and oats. Having these different kinds of grains will also help you to eat less and burn calories in the long run.

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Make Gradual Changes In Your Diet

It is not possibly to drastically overhaul your diet in 24 hours. This will leave you overwhelmed, hungry and craving for comfort foods. Bring about the changes very gradually. For example, you can reduce one biscuit with your cup of morning tea, eat one less slice of bread or eat one less chapatti during your meals.

Making these small changes will help you to adapt better to any changes in the diet without having to give up your favourite food. If you have been eating junk food daily, taper it down to once or twice a week.

Increase Activity Levels

In order to see the effects of a healthy diet, it is also important to increase one’s level of activity. Aim for moderate levels of activity like going for a 20-minute walk or jogging for half an hour every day. If you have been completely sedentary until now, making these small changes can give you good results.

Reduce Your Sugar Intake In Beverages

We forget to count the calories we consume in our beverages. Two teaspoons of sugar in a cup of tea can give you a whopping 100 calories. If you are having four large cups of tea throughout the day, this amounts to 400 calories.

Instead, cut down your sugar consumption by putting just a teaspoon of sugar or reducing your tea intake to not more than 2 cups of tea. This too will help you to expend more calories and lose weight in the process.