2 Tips On Picking The Right Shade Of Concealer

Tips On Picking The Right Shade Of ConcealerMajority of women, get confused regarding what color to choose, when it comes to buying makeup due to the many variety of shades to choose from. Apart from that, skin type, complexion and condition of the skin have to be considered before buying.

Concealers are meant to cover skin conditions that you don’t want other people to notice. It is applied to the area of the face where redness, blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles, and dark under-eye circles are found, while the face is devoid of any other makeup.

There are stronger concealers also that can make even acne and red pimples become less visible.

How Can Concealer Make Hiding Skin Problems Possible?

This essential part of makeup regimen is virtually a color corrector that is heavily pigmented. It has lesser coverage compared to foundation when applied, as it is only dabbed to the imperfections on the face that are intended to be hidden.

Concealer Make Hiding Skin Problems PossibleHow Can I Choose The Right Shade Best For Me?

Concealer comes in many varieties of shades. There are neutral colors that blend well with the skin, while some are made contrastingly distinct in order to hide various types of blemishes.

Concealer comesWhen choosing your color, consider your skin tone. White concealers can be used to make dark circles less prominent and brighten dull skin. Green and blue hues are more suitable if your skin is sensitive and, currently has rosaceous and pimples. You can also find purple-tinted concealers, which will make sallow complexion bright, while orange hues will give best effects in case of dark skinned individuals.

Currently has rosaceous and pimplesThese colors should not be applied without foundation to top it off, unlike neutral colors where you can sometimes eliminate using the foundation.

If you are particular about the health of your skin, especially if it is dry, oily and sensitive skin, there are plenty of concealers that come in multiple formulations, from vitamin enriched to moisturizing, and even for pimple or acne treatment.

Acne treatmentWhile the list of colors may give you clue, it is still best to test it on your skin before buying. The best area to test it is at the portion of your neck below your ear. Check for consistency also, especially if you intend to cover dark under-eye circles. Again, dab it on your skin, but this time on the blue veins you find on your inside wrist.

How Can I Choose The Right Shade Best For Me