3 Tips On Proper Lipstick Application

Tips On Proper Lipstick Application

Here are tips and tricks to make your lips look their best with perfectly applied lipstick.


What Color Of Lipstick Looks Best On You?

You don’t just use any color you fancy when it comes to lipstick. Your skin tone is the key to choose the right lipstick color for you. In addition, consider the rest of your makeup or else you will end up looking like a clown. Balance and blend everything you put on your face.

We all want to wear red lipstick but it is too stark a color. So when you are wearing it, downplay the rest of your makeup. Eye shadow too can be intimidating when not applied correctly. If you are highlighting your eyes intentionally, then don’t ruin the effect by putting on a clashing lipstick color. Instead, use a lighter lip color; lip gloss would be enough.

Choose the right lipstick color

How To Apply Lipstick?

There really are no strict rules when it comes to lipstick application. The method of applying – directly from the tube, with a lip brush, or with your finger – is actually just a matter of preference.

Apply your base by tracing the outline of your lips with a lip liner. Some women prefer to apply the lipstick after the lip liner is applied, others before. But as I said, it’s just a matter of preference, ladies, so do what works best for you.

The base is actually your fallback when your lipstick wears off as it does not easily fade. Use the perfect color that blends with your lipstick or lip gloss. If you want a plumper look, your liner must be applied a little outside the natural contour of your lips.

Lipstick Application

Apply Your Lipstick. Stay on and inside your base as you apply your lipstick or gloss. For plumper lips, apply a bit of lip gloss in the center of your bottom lip.

Apply Your Lipstick

Want To Know Some Cool Tricks?

Apart from certain colors, there are lipstick formulations, such as matte or gloss that only work best on younger women. Creamy lipstick will work nicely with thinned-out or wrinkled lips.

If you are retouching your lips and see that your blush is fading, put some lipstick on your fingertip and apply it on your cheeks.

Wrinkled Lips