Tips on Using Concealer

Concealer is used to cover imperfections and dark areas to make the facial skin look beautiful. This cosmetic has the ability to reduce the signs of aging.

Finding appropriate concealer for your skin color is a tricky job, but by using the tips given below, one can easily find the most appropriate concealer for the skin color.


The main purpose of concealer is to hide imperfections, scars and blemishes. The functions of concealer are different from foundation. This makeup item is really effective if applied after the skin has been cleaned and moisturized. A concealer is heavier in consistency and coverage as compared to foundation.


Concealers are available in stick, paste, liquid and powder form. The concealer comes in various colors such as purple, green, blue, peach and yellow. These colors are combined with foundation and then applied. These colors are used to hide facial imperfections. There are four types of concealers, these are available in liquid, paste powder and stick form.


Those who prefer using their fingers to apply makeup can use their fingers; otherwise it works best with a makeup brush. Use your ring finger to apply this kind of makeup, as this finger will apply less force on your face than your thumb or a pointer. Before applying concealer to the area under your eyes, you should use a primer. Use concealers according to season and apply concealer before application of foundation for enhanced effectiveness.


Concealers have the ability to hide dark spots, signs of aging, minimize eye bags and cover pimples and birth marks. Select concealer shade according to your skin color to hide scar and moles. Concealers can even work as moisturizing agents that help in making the skin smooth.

Be Aware!

If you select the wrong shade of concealer, the area which you are covering up will become all the more prominent and attract attention. One should buy concealer shade according to foundation color. To check the applicability of concealer, apply it on the area you want to cover and stand under direct sunlight. There is no use of applying the concealer at the back of your hand before buying it.