Tips to Do Manicure at Home: Make Your Nails Look Beautiful

manicure at homeWell manicured nails make one look elegant and sophisticated. But getting a manicure done regularly from a salon can be expensive. However, you do not need to fret. With the right tools, you can easily do a manicure at home itself.

Apart from the tools, you also should have a lot of patience, as doing a manicure needs you to concentrate; otherwise, it is possible that you may injure your nails.

Steps to Do Manicure at Home

Before you go to the steps to do a manicure, you should know the equipment that you would require for the process. Cotton pads, nail polish remover, nail cutter, nail filer, a bowl of soapy water, nail buffer, cuticle cream and pusher, hand cream or lotion, base coat, nail polish and sealer are the things that you would need.

manicure equipment

Keep these things together before you start, so that you do not need to run around looking for things while doing your manicure.

Remove the Old Polish

This is the first and one of the important steps because without removing the old nail polish, the subsequent steps would have no effect and your nails could look hideous. Take some nail polish remover and rub it on all your nails. Even if you do not have any polish on your nails, do this step to remove the dirt and oil on them.

Cut and File

The next step is to cut your nails and give them the desired shape. Never cut your nails too much, make sure that at least a tip of the nail is seen. Once this is done, start filing your nails. You can use a nail filer for this, although experts recommend the use of an emery board.


Be careful at this step. Rub the board gently to smoothen the rough edges. If you want a French manicure, file your nails in a way that you have square nails. However, according to some experts, square or box nails look good on women who have slender nails. Otherwise, it is best to stick to rounded nails. The perfect nails would be those that mirror the rim at the base of the nail.

Soak in Soapy Water

The next step is to soak your nails in warm, soapy water. This will help to remove dead skin and dirt from them. This will also make the cuticles soft. Soak your nails for a few minutes. If you have dry skin, then skip this step and just rinse your nails with water for a few seconds.

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Cuticle Care

Now it is time to take care of your cuticles. Dry your hands and apply a cuticle cream over your nails. With a cuticle pusher, push back the cuticles. Be gentle while doing this or you may damage the cuticles. Never cut your cuticles as this can lead to infections.

Pamper Your Hands

As your nails and hands have gone through so much toil, it is time to pamper them. Take a hand cream or lotion and gently massage them over your hands, fingers and nails.

hand pamper

Make sure all the nails are coated with the cream. Allow it to remain on your hands for half an hour at least.

Get Ready

The next step is to apply the base coat on the nails. Before doing this, remove the excess cream, if any, from your hands. You can then apply the base coat. Applying the base coat will help the polish to stay longer and prevent stains from appearing on the nails.


Now, coat your nails with your favorite nail polish. Be careful and prevent the nail polish from going out of your nails. Apply the first coat in the middle and then fill both sides.

nail paint

Apply the second coat once you have finished applying the first coat on all the fingers. Complete your look by applying a sealer at the end.

These manicure tips are quite easy and can be done at home by anyone. So next time, instead of rushing to your nearest salon and spending lots of money on getting a manicure, get the equipment required at home and do your manicure yourself.