Tips To Dress For A New Year’s Eve Party

new year's eve party dressing

new year's eve party dressingNew Year’s Eve is drawing closer and I’m sure all you ladies out there have rocking party plans. And to top it all, it also falls on a Saturday, that is, the weekend! But with fabulous party plans comes the biggest confusion…. What to wear?

After all, everybody wants to look like a million bucks on this special day. It is not difficult to make New Year’s Eve a memorable fashion moment; you just need to keep a few simple things in mind.

Tips To Dress For A New Year’s Eve Party

• First of all, it is very important to figure out the dress code of the party you will be attending. Is it formal or casual or is there any special theme? You will have to pick up a dress accordingly.

Colours are very important. While black is a classic colour for evening wear, red is a hot colour this winter. Among other colours, blue and aqua would give you a gorgeous appearance.

Dress according to the weather. It is quite chilly during New Year’s Eve. So wear something that will keep you warm and cozy. Wear sexy jackets, overcoats, leggings, socks, mittens, boots, etc.

Don’t forget to accessorize. If you don’t wear the right accessories, even the most fabulous outfit can look incomplete.

• And most importantly, you should be comfortable in whatever you are wearing because after two drinks, we all tend to become a little carefree and you don’t want any wardrobe malfunctions on this special occasion.

Things You Will Need

Some of the things that you will need to dress up for a New Year’s Eve party are:

A Jacket

It is warm and stylish at the same time and can be worn with anything, from trousers to skirts and dresses.

Accessories Like Knit Scarves and Stoles

Use your imagination to drape them in a stylish way. You can wear them as belts also. There are tons of ways you can wear a stole or a scarf.

Leggings or Knee High Leg Warmers

They are stylish and come in handy when you are wearing a short dress or a short skirt. They also look great when they peep out above your boots.

Tips To Dress For A New Year's Eve Party

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Black leggings can be paired with anything but don’t hesitate from trying the printed and coloured ones. They look super hot too. Don’t go for the skimpy stockings rather go for the thicker ones, which keep you warm and can be worn as pants also.

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Sequin Dress

Wear a long-sleeved, short sequin dress and pair it up with knee high boots. Go for a silvery or golden sequin dress to look hot this winter.

Knit Sweaters

They are trendy and are in this season.


They are ever so fashionable and can spice up any winter outfit.

Trendy Handbags

Any outfit is incomplete without a suitable handbag. Make sure that the bag’s colour is in accordance with the colour of your dress.

Emphasize on Your Hairstyle, Make up and Jewellery

Tie your hair in beautiful buns. They show your face and make you look chic. When it comes to make up, go for smokey eyes and red hot lipsticks. It is very important that your skin is glowing, so don’t ignore your diet and your 8-10 glasses of water. Glowing skin will anyway make you attractive.

Wear bold and chunky jewellery. They are the latest trend this season. Just follow these styling tips and you will absolutely rock. Hope you have a wonderful celebration and a fabulous 2012!!!