Tips To Have Beautiful Hair

Every woman knows that coloring and straightening their hair causes damage. Yet most of these women continue to do so for the love of the look.

If you’re one of those women and your hair is suffering, there are things you can do to help your hair.

Decrease Heat Damage

Heat damages your hair by making it brittle and easy to break. Curlers, flat irons and blow dryers all cause split ends. Dyeing your hair dries out of the natural oils of the hair making it dry and fragile. If you have any of the issues, then you have to help your hair immediately.

Cut the Split Ends

Trim the ends of your hair. You should do this regularly to fight split ends and make your style look as fresh as possible. Split ends cause more damage by continuing to split the hair shaft, and make hair strands thin and wispy making your hair harder to style and manage. You must cut all the split ends off and start with the least damaged hair.

Treat Dandruff

Check your dandruff content. If you have dandruff, that can fixed as well. Dandruff is your old skin shedding so that new skin can grow and shine. Dandruff becomes noticeable when the skin on the scalp is irritated or dry and the scalp speeds up its usual shedding process.

You can usually get rid of it by using an anti-dandruff shampoo and anti dandruff products. Another secret to getting rid of dandruff is by combining 3 parts water to 1 parts vinegar and applying to the scalp. Leave the solution on overnight and wash it in the morning. The vinegar odor will evaporate.

Clean and Moisturize Regularly

Wash and deep condition your hair. This should be done weekly but not more than that. You do not want to wash out all the natural oils of the scalp which will produce unhealthy hair. Conditioning is also important because it helps moisturize much deeper into the follicles than oil.

Try Semi-Permanent Dye

When first coloring your hair, not making a drastic change will help decrease damaged hair. The more you have to bleach the hair, the more brittle it becomes. Try using semi-permanent dyes to test color, and they are not as harsh on the hair as permanent dyes. They also allow you to change the color more frequently.