Tips to Hide Dark Under-Eye Circles

Among the many facial skin crises we experience when applying makeup, dark under-eye circles are the most common. Sleep-deprived people like hardworking and workaholic women suffer from this and most often it is made worse with eye bags and prominent veins. There are also persons who are genetically born with dark under-eye circles.

How can you get rid of it?

While you continuously search for a treatment to get rid of it, makeup is your only reliable option to hide it daily.


In fact, makeup can do many more wonderful things than just cover your dark under-eye circles.

Are you sure there are no other things you need to hide? There is one essential makeup product that is great in hiding blemishes, skin spots, spider veins, and even pimples and scars.

Yes, the best concealers can conceal these facial skin problems any time of day. Before you run out and buy a concealer, make sure you know your skin tone and type. Choose the one that is nearest to the shade of your skin as you will have to layer it with foundation.

You can skip foundation all together too since you can find both concealer and foundation in one formula. Make sure you apply it evenly. Among the most effective tested concealers are Revlon’s New Complexion Concealer, Estee Lauder Smoothing Skin Concealer and Neutrogena Smoothing Skin Stick. Don’t be cheap when it comes to concealers if you want the best results.

Eye creams

While a concealer hides them, an eye cream is one way that can help you minimize them. Check out the label before you buy and look for one with Vitamin K. What causes the dark circles is the weakening of capillary walls of the under-eye skin. Vitamin K will help strengthen them. Try the most recommended eye creams: Peter Thomas Roth Power K Eye Rescue or Vita-K Solution Gel.

Laser skin treatment

This is the third option that you can take, especially for a chronic case. Laser skin treatment is known to everyone. It is effective but expensive. Get the best advice from a dermatologist if you can afford this treatment. What it does is improve production of your skin collagen.

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