Tips to Keep Split Ends at Bay

To have beautiful hair is essential to have a good personality. A women needs to have a good hair texture so that her hair could look neat and tidy. Your entire hair texture could get ruined if you do not keep split ends at bay. Now every one can get split ends if she does not take of her diet and do trimming regularly.

If unresolved, they will give you a bad shape of hair and even steal the shine of hair. So here are some tips through which you can remove split ends. First thing that you must be aware of is that you cannot get rid of split ends without trimming the hair.

To get rid of them at initial level you must go to a salon and ask beautician to chop off all the split ends. Then what you need to work on is to ensure that they never appear again. For that you must try to give all necessary nutrients to hair. Appy egg on the scalp mixed with yogurt once in a week to make sure hair soft.

This also gives strength to hair and helps them grow faster which in turn ensures split end free hair. Also, make sure that you have clean hair and for that, use a good shampoo and follow shampooing by the application of conditioner. Be generous while applying it and keep it for at least 10 minutes if you have dry and brittle hair. If required, apply leave in conditioner in towel-dried hair.

You must also follow hot towel treatment. This would definitely help you to not have split ends. Hot oil massages gives nutrition to ever hair part makes sure that you get a healthy hair growth. So do that. Visit salon in every two months for a hair trim so that all the dry, damaged and rough hair ends could be cut.

You must make sure that you consume a good diet that must have great amount of vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc. drink milk, have eggs, green vegetables, cereals, fish, meat, etc for a balanced diet. This way, internal nourishment of hair is done. This is how you can get rid of split ends.