5 Tips To Look Good Without Make Up

5 Tips To Look Good Without Make Up

Have you ever met someone who said they never go outside their house without wearing make up? Be it a movie theatre or a simple visit to the grocery store. They feel scared, a psychologically created scare that prevents them from being seen with a naked face.

There are also people who think they look terrible without the full touch ups.Now, you may fall into either categories or in neither that’s a different argument all together.But the point is that there are ways to stop feeling that guilt.

To have the confidence to walk outside the door without caking on layers of makeup.In fact it’s every woman’s dream to be beautiful not just look beautiful but feel it. Radiate it. Embrace it. Curious to know the magic trick? Find out!

Ways To Look Good Without Makeup

Make SPF Your New Companion

When you are a young soul, you tend to become reckless.Go out without putting sunscreen on; literally bake in the sun, that’s you. But these little fun times can be extremely suicidal for your delicate skin.

Moisturize Regularly And Generously

At least 80 per cent of sun exposure comes naturally to us meaning the little time you walk outside to reach your car or the little errands you run during lunch time, they are pretty deadly. They add up to your premature wrinkles and blemishes. So in order to have young, healthy glowing skin till late in your life, never forget your sunscreen.

Always Drink A Cup Of Warm ‘Water’ In The Morning

There is nothing like a hot cup of tea or coffee in the morning to inject a dose of life into your body but seriously, stop. Now! Instead switch over to a daily cup of hot water with a dash of lemon.


It not only helps to refresh you but also rids your body from toxins as well as reduces the chance of your future skin sensitivities.Besides, water keeps your skin moist and adds a glow to your skin without you having to apply highlighter here and there.

Scrub Away To Glory

While we are already talking about dewy glows let’s just add on to say that scrubbing every once a week keeps your skin rid of dull and dead skin cells that naturally add to a glowing effect.


What happens exactly is the unscrubbed dead cells tend to become opaque after a while and block your pores rounding up to suffocation of cells.You can also mix up your own scrub apply equal parts of baking soda and water on your face. Let it stand for a while then wash it and massage with coconut or lavender oil.

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Keep Your Skin Moisturized

Most skin types tend to dry up pretty quickly. If so, then it won’t look good even if you apply a lot of makeup. Keep it moisturized and do not wash your face too often as this tends to dry your skin.Keep separate moisturizers for morning and night and above all, do not use strong cleansers.


Keep Hands Away

How often have you caught yourself resting your cheek in your hand rubbing your eyes or popping pimples? Skin is the most delicate and sensitive area of your body and each time you do one of the above you tend to break your skin. These breaks will eventually lead to wrinkles and even degradation of your skin.

rubbing Eyes

Apart from following all the above said points one very vital aspect to look good without make up is to feel good from within.If you are earnestly happy, there is no make-up you really need to look beautiful and fresh always!