Tips To Shape Your Eyebrows At Home

Tips To Shape Your Eyebrows At Home

Tips To Shape Your Eyebrows At HomeWell shaped eyebrows not only enhance your appearance but also help you look younger.  Well groomed eyebrow is one of the most important beauty treatments that we undertake to look good. Correct shape of eyebrow is all about creating a balance and proportion, according to your facial features.

If you have a round shaped face cut, then arched shaped eyebrow will work best for you, while with oval shaped face, eyebrows matching the eyelid and curved slightly down at the end looks good. This shape also suits square shaped face. Keeping the eyebrows as thick and natural as possible is the best way to look good.

Eyebrows having medium thickness suits oblong shaped face and those having heart shaped face can look best in arched brow shape. You will look best with eyebrows that complement the shape of your face. Today even men groom their eyebrows to look good.

Ways To Shape Your Eyebrows

First Step

Start with softening the eyebrow area by placing a warm and damp washcloth over it for few seconds or try it after showering. Choose the area where you can get enough natural light.

You will need a clear mirror in front of you and also a handled mirror beside you. After softening eyebrows, brush your eyebrows upward with the help of an eyebrow brush.  After brushing, take a small scissor and trim the hairs that are too long.

Second Step

Tips To Shape Your Eyebrows At Home

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Take an eyebrow pencil and hold it vertically at the outer edge of your nose. The tip of the pencil that hits the brow will show where eyebrows should start. Slant the pencil and draw the eyebrow line towards the outer edge of your eye. This will show you where your eyebrow should stop. Give your eyebrows the desired shape with the help of a white eyebrow pencil. Try to keep natural shape of your eyebrow intact to the maximum point.

Third Step

Now tweeze the hairs which fall past the pencil lines one by one, grabbing closely from the root. Try to remove as little as possible from the top. Also ensure minimum breakage and clean pluck. For smooth plucking, pull the hair towards the direction in which it is growing. Repeat the same process on the other side by following the same steps.

Now examine the eyebrow arch. If it is lying naturally above your pupil when you are looking straight, then your eyebrow has been shaped correctly. Use a pencil or brush to define your eyebrow or use a handled mirror. If you find that you have formed a definite arch, then just clean up the area slightly. If you find any stray eyebrows, pluck them.

Tips And Warnings

While shaping the eyebrow, try to make it look as natural as posible. Sharp and pointy eyebrows can spoil your natural look. If waxing or threading is your choice for shaping eyebrows, then you must visit a trusted salon. Try to visit the same salon every time. Look through magazines and tell them the desired shape you want. Generally beauticians prefer to make eyebrows very thin.

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