Tips To Take Care of Your Liver

The liver is a vital organ that is very important for our health and well being. It is the organ to store vitamins, minerals and sugars for later use. It is responsible for the production and removal of cholesterol from blood as well. It is the filter to clear toxins from our blood stream and hence helps in keeping the body free from diseases. Its importance can be expressed in one word; essential.

Our lifestyle today which is devoid of time and is full of instances of fast food, tobacco, artificial food preservatives, excess alcohol consumption etc has a huge impact on the liver. If the liver is not in a fit working state, the body becomes susceptible to a large number of ailments. Therefore it is important that the liver is healthy.

The first thing to do is to have a healthy diet and cut down on any food product that does not have a lot of nutritious value. You can have such food once in a while, but they must not be included in the regular diet. Fast foods and fried foods definitely belong to this category.

Also avoid stimulants because they tend to push the body to do something that it is not equipped to do. Cigarettes and excess alcohol are bad for the general health of the body. Excess tea and coffee should also be avoided. This way you will reduce additional stress on the liver.

If you have stomach troubles, do not use antibiotics and antacid tablets frequently. They can be harmful to a healthy digestive system. The antibiotics kill the useful bacteria that help to facilitate digestion and the antacid tablets decrease the acidity level inside the stomach that helps in the easy digestion of food. This causes additional burden on the liver to absorb all the nutrients from the food.

Give some assistance to your liver and have a dose of activated charcoal twice a week after consulting your physician.This is a medical form of charcoal that eliminates toxins by absorbing all molecules that it encounters. Have this in empty stomach so that only the residues get absorbed and this way, you will help the liver by easing its work.