Tips To Use Sugar Hair Removal Technique

Sugar Hair Removal TechniqueSugar waxing or sugaring is the method of using sugar for hair removal. The technique is also known as Persian waxing and has been in used for a long time, as one of the best home based methods of removing unwanted hair growth.The process is said to have originated in India and is considered to be less painful than the popular waxing procedures of hair removal.

The substrate of the sticky concoction prepared from an easy recipe sticks to the hair, and facilitates an easy removal of the hair growth from the hands, arms, legs, back , underarms and other areas. As the sugar preparation does not stick to the skin and can be applied at a lukewarm or room temperature it prevents burning and is more comfortable than using hot wax.

Pros And Cons Of Sugaring

There is a certain level of skin irritation, reaction and sensitivity that is accompanied with the sugar hair removal process. Though the sugaring process is painful, it does decrease the frequency and levels of hair growth. The benefits of using sugar hair removal techniques are quite a few, as it does not leave behind coarse and tough stubble as in shaving and leaves the skin smooth and soft to touch.

Pros And Cons Of SugaringThe Process Of Sugar Hair Removal

The process of using sugaring for hair removal is fairly simple. Given below is the recipe that is used for preparing the mixture.

Ingredients/Things To Collect

A cupful of sugar
The juice of half a lemon
A quarter cup of honey
A small piece of molasses
A spatula or any other spreader
Thin and soft cotton fabric or strips of fine linen found in stores

Take a glass bowl and mix the sugar, honey and lemon with a spoon. Boil it over a low flame or microwave for 2-3 minutes on until the mixture bubbles into a liquid with a smooth consistency. Allow the mixture to cool until it is safe to touch.

The best results are achieved by using the mixture when it is still lukewarm as it is easier to spread. You may find it important to reheat the mixture before immediate use, as sugar has a tendency to solidify very quickly.

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Clean and dry the area where sugar hair removal has to take place. Dust the area lightly with cornstarch, as it draws away the oil and makes the process more effective. Spread a thin layer with a spatula or any other spreader and cover it gently with a thin strip of linen or any other cloth. Rub your palm over the strip in the direction opposite to the hair growth until the cloth sticks to the surface of the skin. Gently hold the end of the fabric and pull it off with a quick stroke. The process is indeed painful, but the inflammation settles down after some time.

Clean and dry the area where sugar hair removalIt is important to maintain the consistency of the sugar preparation by reheating over a low flame or immersing the bowl in a container full of hot water. It is important to keep a watch for any burning sensation, irritability or the eruption of rashes. Once the skin settles down, clean it with a wet towel and dust some talcum powder for a soothing effect. The leftover mixture can be put in a glass vessel and stored in the fridge. Sugaring is an old age method that is gaining popularity as an organic product for getting rid of unwanted hair growth.

Sugaring is an old age method