3 Tips To Wear A Tuxedo For Women

Wear A Tuxedo For Women

Tired of wearing that little black dress or black gown or a saree for every formal occasion? Here’s the alternative  a tuxedo. A tuxedo is a classic dressing that can be a fashion statement for any woman.


Though traditionally considered a formal dressing for men, of late it has become a hot fashion trend for women also. In fact, the tuxedo is one style of clothing that is considered unisex by fashion stylists all over the world. Unlike normal boring formal wear, a tuxedo can make you look chic, sophisticated, stylish and feminine – all at the same time!

Here’s a little piece of information about the origin of the woman tuxedo. The woman tuxedo was first created in the 1960s by famous couturier Yves Saint Laurent and it was called the le smoking tuxedo suit. The style was popularized in Helmut Newton’s photographs that featured models with slicked black hair wearing this three-piece suit. One of the first famous ladies to don the tuxedo was Marlene Dietrich, a German-American actress and singer.

A lot of women today would love to wear this pristinely tailored outfit but don’t have an idea as to how to go about it. Here are a few basic tips to wear a tuxedo:

Tips To Wear A Tuxedo For Women

Always Emphasize On The Fit

An ill-fitting tuxedo jacket can make you look funny. Always make sure that the tuxedo jacket fits closely to your frame and shows your curves perfectly.

Avoid jackets with large shoulder pads or tails. A single or double-breasted jacket in blue or black is a must for this outfit.

Always Emphasize On The Fit

Pairing Is Very Important

Wear your tuxedo jacket with dark skinny trousers or jeans that match the colour of your jacket. Wearing loose trousers or jeans with a tuxedo jacket can be the worst fashion mistake a woman can ever make.

A crisp white shirt underneath the jacket is a classic choice. Also wear a black cummerbund with pleats facing upwards.

Pairing Is Very Important


Accessorize the neckline with a bow tie or a chiffon neck tie. You can even try suspenders for a unique look. Clutch purses go best with a tuxedo. Wear long shoulder dusting earrings and strappy heels. Try a different look by wearing elegant leather shoes.

Don’t just stick to the traditional black. There are a lot of interesting ways to glam up this look.

Neckline with a bow tie or a chiffon neck tie

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•    Roll up the sleeves of your tuxedo jacket to make the look less formal and more casual.
•    Experiment with options of the shirt. Wear a chiffon top or a lacy silk blouse to add a dash of sex-appeal. An open neck or a lacy camisole showing under the jacket adds seductiveness to the look.
•    Wear your tuxedo jacket with a printed dress and nude flats during the day. You can also pair your jacket with well-fitted shorts or a body hugging skirt.
•    For make-up, contrast with bold lips and nails. Keep hair simple and tie it up in a topknot with a centre part.
•    Another way to stand out is to pair your jacket with high-waisted flared pants to embrace the 70s glam look.
•    If you are bold enough and have the attitude to carry it off, go for the rockstar look with embellished sparkling tuxedo jackets or pants.
•    Experiment with fabrics like cashmere, silk, velvet and satin.
•    Another perfect choice is a full white tuxedo suit.

Full white tuxedo suit

Keeping these simple tips in mind, you can look like a diva in a tuxedo. All it needs is clever styling to this stylish look. I hope after reading this article, today’s modern women will not hesitate to make the tuxedo suit an essential part of their wardrobes.

Look like a diva in a tuxedo