Tomato And Skin

Tomato And Skin

Surprisingly, tomatoes both taste good and keep skin healthy. Tomatoes can be found in almost every kitchen, but you’ll be hard pressed to find one in a bathroom or at a beauty salon.

That just might change when people start to appreciate the benefits this plant provides to the skin. Tomatoes are actually quite effective as an anti-aging product.

anti-aging skin with tomato

Full of antioxidants, tomatoes combat signs of aging. When eaten once a day, they help to reduce the amount of free radicals in your body, helping to maintain the support system necessary for your skin and hair. They also help your body retain moisture, especially during times of the year when artificial climate control like heaters and air conditioners are running.

These machines can dry out your body and skin, but eating a tomato daily can help you keep your water level stable. That doesn’t mean you should pass on the regular water, though; it’s still important to drink about 8 glasses a day.

Eating a Tomato Daily

You don’t have to eat a tomato to gain some benefits, either. Placing a bit of tomato on your face can help treat oily skin, absorbing excess oil and sebum and preventing the formation of pimples. Tomato paste applied to the face and washed off with warm water after 15 minutes is best way to go about it. Not only does it work well on oily skin, but it can also lighten your complexion.

tomato on your face

For dry skin, mix a bit of day-old curd into the tomato paste and apply it to your face as you would the undiluted mask. This will help re-hydrate your dry skin and prevent problems.

Some skin may start to burn under a tomato mask. If this happens, wash it off immediately. A tingling sensation is usually present, but burning can be prevented by adding day-old curd before you put on the mask. Tomato paste also helps heal boils and pimples. To alleviate pain and a speed recovery from a boil, apply a bit of tomato paste.

Tomato Paste on your face

Daily consumption of a tomato will even give you a rosy complexion, so don’t pass them up!

Tomato paste massaged directly into the hair and scalp will neutralize odors. Everyone’s heard about taking a tomato juice bath if they’re sprayed by a skunk. The same works for hair. Leave the tomato paste in for fifteen minutes, and then wash your hair for clean, odor-free hair.

Drink tomato juice