Top 10 Beauty Tips From Home For The Perfect Look Always

Top 10 Beauty Tips From Home For The Perfect Look Always

Top 10 Beauty Tips From Home For The Perfect Look Always Who does not crave for pure and natural beauty? We all wish to look beautiful and preferably with minimal use of chemically enriched cosmetics. These cosmetics are not only highly priced but are also very harmful for our skin and body in the long run. Here are some helpful homely beauty tips which make use of homemade and natural ingredients that will enhance your natural beauty and make you happy and satisfied.

So, here is your chance to show everyone how beautiful you can be naturally.

Best Beauty Tips From Home

Anti aging

We all love to look young with a flawless skin. To reduce wrinkles and lighten age spots all you need is to prepare a pack using lemon juice, honey, lime juice and yogurt. When well mixed the ingredients can be applied on specific spots to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. Yogurt has natural bleaching properties and can also help to remove tan marks.

Another great face tightening pack can be prepared with egg whites. Beat them well to make a froth which can then be applied to specific areas such as eyes, jaw and forehead. Once dry, it can be rinsed off well. Fine lines and wrinkles will visibly decrease with regular care and make you look much younger than your actual age.

Hair Care

Yes, you can control your frizzy hair, brighten your hair color and condition your cuticles at home. It’s all about using the right products from your kitchen. Steep tea bags can help you to get really silky and glossy hair.

All you need to do is steep the tea bags in boiling water for around 10 minutes, cool it and then apply on washed hair. Tea is known to close the hair cuticles and offer it extra shine. Moreover, it helps in hair softening and makes frizzy hair manageable.

Face Treatment

Carrots, cucumbers and cherries can make amazing beauty products. Several green vegetables and fruits like these are loaded with antioxidants which make a great alternative to several cosmetic products available in the stores. Cucumber slices can be placed on the eyes which work excellently to get rid of black circles.

Top 10 Beauty Tips From Home For The Perfect Look Always

Cherries, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots can be crushed/pulped and then mixed together with milk to prepare this mask which gives freshness and glow to the face naturally without any kind of side effects.

Foot Care

Who doesnt wish to have soft, clean and well maintained feet? Cornmeal and mashed bananas are readily available at home – these need to be well mixed can be used to massage the foot. Just massage for 30 seconds and you will love the soft and smooth feel of your feet. Cornmeal acts as an exfoliator and helps to get rid of roughness – it also has antifungal properties. Bananas help to keep your feet soft.


Fresh grapes can make excellent face cleansers. Just rub them on your face and rinse well to get a glowing face.

Facial Masks and Packs

A number of home facial masks and packs can be prepared at home like :

Cucumber Mask

Blend a small cucumber and oatmeal. This mixture can be then mixed well with yogurt to make a very effective face mask.

Lemon Egg Face Mask

Top 10 Beauty Tips From Home For The Perfect Look Always

This home remedy facial mask is specially beneficial for those suffering from acne and pimples. Made by squeezing lemon juice and mixing with beaten egg white, this can be applied to the problem areas and left overnight. Just wash it off with warm water the next morning.

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Turmeric Face Pack

This works excellently to get a glowing complexion. It also acts as a good home remedy for acne. This mask is prepared by mixing turmeric powder, almond oil chickpea flour, milk and sandalwood powder. Once made into a wonderful paste, it can be applied on the face and left over for ten minutes. Get a fairer glowing flawless complexion with regular application!

Yeast and Yogurt Mask

Acne, rashes and pimples are the result of oily skin and too much oil excretion from the pores. It leads to dull skin which lacks freshness. This home facial pack helps in reducing excess oil and helps in reducing the outbursts. This pack should be applied on the problematic areas and left for 20 minutes. Once dried, it’s important to rinse with warm water followed by cold water so that the pores close again.

Eye Care

Cucumber juice is an excellent home remedy for under eye circles or tired eyes. It can be applied daily for 15 minutes to get natural bright eyes.

Top 10 Beauty Tips From Home For The Perfect Look Always

Mix equal quantities of tomato juice with cucumber juice and apply. Keep for 20 minutes and wash it off. To get rid of eye bags you can place moistened tea bags, cucumber and raw potato slices on your eyes for around 10 minutes. You will notice instant results.

Hand Moisturizing

Home made moisturizers are not only skin friendly but are certainly more effective and pocket friendly. This moisturizer can be made by using egg yolk, honey, extra virgin olive oil, sugar and lemon oil. You can use it everytime you are washing your hands. With regular use you will have soft and smooth hands no matter how much washing and cleansing you do.

Nail Care

Instead of spending dollars to take care of your nails, a simple maintenance routine at home can help to keep your nails in good condition. Use an orange stick to keep your nails clean and file them regularly to keep them in good shape.Regularly soak them in warm clean soapy water for 5 minutes at a stretch. Regularly massage olive oil to keep them healthy.

Lip Care

Its not easy to have beautiful lips throughout the year, but with slight regular care you can have soft and beautiful lips. Apply almond oil on your lips if you have the problem of dry lips. Honey can be applied as a home remedy for cracked lips during the chilly days. Do not forget to include more fruits and vegetables in your diet for beautiful lips naturally.

So, what are you waiting for? Enter the world of natural beauty now!!