Top 10 Classic Perfume Brands

Perfume Brands

Perfume is a must in every woman’s vanity. Some prefer to be loyal to one brand, and some like to experiment. Some perfumes are known to have ardent followers. Here are 10 perfume brands that are very popular amongst consumers around the globe:

Perfume Brands

List Of Popular Perfume Brands

Chanel No.5

Known to be one of the best-selling perfumes, this has been a timeless classic and a favourite of the rich & famous around the world. The fragrance reminds of an array of lovely smelling flowers. The top notes are of Ylang Ylang, the middle notes of Jasmine and the inner note of slight Mayrose flowers.

Chanel No 5

Poison By Dior

It is considered to be a legend by all perfume lovers. The smell is indicative of the seductive forbidden fruit. The mesmerizing smell is a harmony of woody and spicy fragrances with notes of orange honey, coriander and tuberose.

Poison By Dior

Davidoff Cool Water

This aquatic fragrance is loved by the young and energetic. The serene notes of melon, musk and sandalwood are a reminder of oceans. The citrusy feel forms a unique blend of silent energy.

Davidoff Cool Water

Hugo By Hugo Boss

A rainbow of amazing notes like lavender, mint and basil, this perfume is a blend of freshness and masculinity. This aromatic green perfume signifies the independent and free-spirited man.

Hugo by Hugo Boss

212 By Carolina Herrera

This cocktail of orange blossom, gardenia and sandalwood represents the young, stylish, city-girl who is confident of her womanhood. This energetic blend brings out the optimism and youthfulness of the urban girl.

Carolina Herrera

CK One By Calvin Klein

This light and fresh Unisex fragrance is equally loved by men and women. Its citrusy notes blended with herbaceous accent gives a fresh and natural flavour to the wearer.

CK One by Calvin Klein

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Gucci Envy

The most popular offering from the House of Gucci, this perfume is a feel of delicate spring breeze. With top notes of green and light fragrance, it sets to a much warmer and musky at the base. This beautiful perfume speaks for the woman who is simple and gentle but slowly enchants everyone with her warmth without being loud.

Gucci Envy

Nina Ricci Nina

This enchanting fragrance is a modern fantasy for every woman who searches for a wonderland in her life. The charming scent is a mesmerizing alchemy of sweet notes of apple, vanilla and white cedar. The perfume is a cloud of dreamy seduction.

Nina Ricci Nina


It is a representation of class and understated luxury. This refreshing scent is blended with notes of peach, cedar and musk. It is a perfect daytime wear for the woman who is classy, modern and but subdued.


Opium By Yves Saint Laurent

A truly classic fragrance with a mix of controversy, it speaks of the time when it was launched. This oriental scent is a mix of mandarin, jasmine and vanilla and very aptly represents the wild yet feminine woman of the 70s.

These are the perfumes that can be considered as cult favourites around the globe. For years they have found their ways to the vanity of consumers and have been cherished. The hypnotic scents and the popularity of these fragrances have rightly earned them the status of being all time classics.

Opium by Yves Saint Laurent


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