Top 10 Heartburn Foods

heartburn in womenThe food that we eat every day enters our stomach for digestion and provides strength to our body. However, some food items are used as a cure for various kinds of problems in our body.

Problems like constipation, loose motions, formation of gas and heartburn commonly occur in individuals and can be treated by eating specific foods. You do not need to take any medications for them.

Amongst these problems, heartburn is found in many people and can be cured completely by eating right. Mentioned below are the top 10 heartburn foods which can cure the problem to give you a lot of relief.

Best Foods For Heartburn


Yogurt is one of the best and most common natural cures for heartburn. If you are experiencing heartburn and feel that your food has not been digested properly, then eat a cup of fresh chilled yogurt mixed with some sugar or consume a glass of buttermilk. It improves digestion, cures heartburn and helps your stomach to relax.



Another effective food for curing heartburn is the fruit papaya which contains a proteolytic enzyme named papain which reduces the burning sensation in your heart and also helps the food you have eaten to get digested slowly. Eat 3 to 4 slices of refrigerated papaya after an hour of eating lunch.


Though it has a tangy taste to it, oranges can be one of the best remedies to cure heartburn. They contain ascorbic and acetic acid which cures the problem of gas formation and cuts down acid reflux in your stomach.


Lemons are very rich in antioxidants and contain acetic acid in good quantities. It helps to digest the food you have eaten and also cures heartburn. A glass of lemon juice can work wonders for you.



This herb contains a lot of fiber in it which makes it a good remedy for heartburn. Its roots do not allow your body to re-absorb the cholesterol of the food and also prevents gastric acid from forming. The root of licorice can be easily found in natural stores in the form of tea.

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Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is yet another great food which can cure heartburn almost instantly. It contains the ability to kill those bacteria which promote the formation of gastric acid in our stomach. It contains anti-inflammatory properties and acts as a natural astringent in your body.


Raw milk is the simplest cure for heartburn. Take a glass of raw milk, preferably cold; add a teaspoon of good quality honey to it and drink it. This calcium rich drink is not only helpful in reducing heartburn but also reduces the inflammation in your stomach.



This fruit is a natural antacid which gives instantaneous relief from heartburn. Eating 2 bananas every day will not only clean your entire digestive tract but also cure the problem of constipation.


Fishes are a very good source of an ingredient named taurine which can help reduce the formation of gastric acid in your stomach and digest the food that you have eaten in an easy manner.


Procyanin, quercertin and epicatechin are 3 vital phenolic phytochemicals which are found in apples, provide relief from heartburn and reduce the discomfort caused by it in the upper part of the stomach. It is best to eat half an apple after every meal to counter the problem of heartburn.