Top 10 Home Remedies For Neck Pain

Home Remedies For Neck PainSedentary life style, poor diet and improper posture is primarily responsible for neck and back pain which affects millions of people across the globe. Home remedies for neck pain are all about small changes which you need to bring in your life to get relief from pain in the neck. These are time tested and are without any kind of side effects which makes them so popular.

Neck Pain Home Remedies

Apply Heat

You have to warm up your neck area which will help to increase your blood circulation and free all stiff muscles. Wet a towel in warm water or you can just stand under hot water for relief. Be careful not to do this for too much time, as it will increase the pain further.

Massage The Neck Area

Use natural aromatic oils or lotion to massage your neck and upper back muscles which will help to reduce the neck pain. Massage helps in releasing the tense muscle and offers temporary relief and will also help you to sleep peacefully.

Massage The Neck Area

Regular massage will completely reduce the pain. You can massage your neck and shoulder region for at least 15 minutes for results.

Apply Ice

Make ice packs and apply on the neck region which will help to reduce the inflammation. This can be applied on the neck region for 15 minutes at a stretch.

Practice Neck Exercises

Practice Neck Exercises

You can do exercises which will ease and prevent neck pain. There are two kinds of exercises for neck pain which are mainly isometric exercises and gentle range of motion exercises. These can be done twice in a day.

Work At Eye Level

If you feel discomfort at the end of the day it might happen that your workstation is the culprit. Is your computer monitor at your eye level? If your seat is high and you are looking up many times or your monitor too low and you are looking down too often, it means you need to change the height of either your desk, chair or your computer screen. Never look too up or down while working, as it will cause neck pain. Change the setup as soon as possible.

Keep Changing Your Body Position

Never sit in the same position for too long, especially if it is your work place. You need to take frequent breaks and keep changing your body position. You need to get up and move around after every 60 minutes so that your blood circulation improves.

Be Stress Free And Relax

Stress can cause a number of problems among which muscle tension is prime. Try to find what kind of stress you have – is it your work, or your meeting with boss or your time constraints? Once you have been able to identify your problem you have to think about ways to destress yourself.

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Try out different relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga. You can do anything which gives you peace like listening to music, engaging in hobby or reading books. You can do anything which relaxes you.

Check The Mattress On Which You Sleep

If you experience neck pain every morning as you wake up, check your pillow and mattress. Sleeping habits and a bad mattress and pillow can cause neckpain. Always sleep on a firm mattress so that your spine is in alignment with head. Never sleep on your stomach as you will be forcing your head up them. Do not sleep on pillow which are too thick and firm. Feather crushed foam pillows are good for your neck.

Change Your Diet

A special healthy diet which emphasizes on many nutrients can help in curing neck pain. You need to have soy products, fish oils, green leafy vegetables, walnuts, whole grain products and legumes in abundance. This helps in curing neck pain if it is not too serious.

Fresh green vegetables

Your diet should include food rich in antioxidants, calcium, magnesium and vitamin D. Have plenty of water throughout the day so that your body is never dehydrated and it is able to maintain electrolyte balance of your body. This is important for the functioning of body muscles.

Exercise To Stay Fit

Your body needs to be flexible so that the muscles do not get stiff. Obesity can also be a cause for neck pain. Walk at least 30 minutes in a day to stay fit. There are many strength exercises which work as home remedies for neck pain. These exercises help to get relief from pain neck. Hope these easy home remedies for neck pain will provide you relief from neck pain.