Top 10 Keratin Hair Treatment Brands


Keratin Treatment is a Brazilian smoothening and straightening treatment of hair with special care. Unruly frizzy hair is tamed with the help of this revolutionary treatment. The products used are generally non-damaging and less harmful for the hair.

It is a very popular method of fashionistas seeking for a long and smooth mane. This makes the hair more manageable and hassle –free. Out of innumerable brands, here is a list of 10 best brands that produce the most advanced Keratin Treatments:

Keratin Hair Treatment Brands


Considered to be the most technologically advanced product available in the market, it is widely used by professionals around the world. This highly popular brand is easy to use, gives long lasting effect and gives a nice natural like finish.


The treatment requires minimum time of only a day to complete and the wonderful effect lasts for a prolonged 3 months, and often more if the proper maintenance is taken care of.


This highly versatile brand can miraculously transform any kind of hair into fabulous tresses. The curliest to the most unruly locks can be tamed easily and converted into sexy beautiful sheen of strands. The best part is the brand is capable of solving each and every individual need with comfort and ease.

Brazilian Blowout

brazilian blowout
The unique feature of this brand is that it improves the hair texture with maximum effect with its nutrient complex ingredients. The treatment enables a layer of protecting base being developed on the crown for a frizz-free look. It takes care to increase the volume of the hair to a certain extent.

Bio Ionic

Suitable for any hair type, this brand is notable for the nominal time it requires to change the look of your tresses. Within 45 minutes the hair is transformed into gorgeous and hassle free locks, devoid of any frizziness.


This is a highly successful brand that believes in harmonizing superior technology with raw and chemical free ingredients from natural resources. Their products enriched with cocoa and other scientifically researched materials provide solution for frizzy and unmanageable hair.


This is one of the most economic brands to provide Keratin treatment. The products are designed to give superior result in lesser time and effort. It can be used by used by anybody for an immediate hair makeover.

Coppola Keratin Complex

coppola keratin complex
Created by renowned hairstylist Peter Coppola, this brand gives a miraculous overall change to your mane. It silkens the texture, eliminates almost any frizziness and ensures a long-lasting smooth effect.

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Daniel Philipp

The idea behind this brand is not only to cure and tame unruly hair by smoothening it, but also to improve the overall health by strengthening it. The mineral based seaweed contents makes hair shinier and more voluminous.

De Fabulous

De Fabulous
This brand designs high-end products that reach deep into hair follicles to treat rough and dry hair instantly. The result is a gorgeous silky textured crowning glory that lasts for a really long time, without much maintenance.


This brand has ideated the revolutionary dual stepped technology of de-frizzing hair followed by smoothening and straightening it. Infused with collagen protein and mineral oils, the products work well into the cuticle to give nicely textured and fabulously smooth tresses.