Top 10 Lipsticks That Drive Men Wild

Top 10 Lipsticks That Drive Men Wild

Lipsticks are one of the most widely used cosmetics amongst women from around the world. They are considered to be one of the most essential components of makeup that helps a woman look beautiful.

So whether you are going on a hot date or simply for a job interview, it is important to pick out the right lipstick to complete your look. It is a well known fact that men adore women with beautifully colored lips and it is possible to drive a man wild just by your lips. Here is a list of the top 10 lipsticks that you can wear to drive men wild.

Top 10 Lipsticks That Drive Men Wild

Cle De Peau Extra-rich #R2

With a wonderfully creamy and ultra-rich texture, the Cle De Peau #R2 helps retain moisture on the lips and provides intense hydration due to the presence of Vitamin A Acetate.

Top 10 Lipsticks That Drive Men Wild

The lipstick is capable of eliminating the lines, thus offering a velvety finish. It also comprises of a unique pigment having spherical powders that delivers a transparent and vibrant red color to the lips. It comes in a baguette diamond shape to allow precise application and excellent finish.

Guerlain Rouge G-Jewel Lipstick # 63

This compact comprises of a luminous shade of lipstick along with a mirror that ensures perfect application of the lipstick to make the lips appear well hydrated and plumped. It has been developed using a ruby-powder formula and works perfectly with light to provide a wonderful glow to the lips. It is the perfect lipstick for women looking to combine seduction with beauty.

Chanel Allure Lipstick # 72

This Orientale shade of Chanel lipstick works as an extremely simple yet luxurious lipstick that provides and intense color along with satiny touch to the lips.

Top 10 Lipsticks That Drive Men Wild

The ultra fine and supple texture of the lipstick glides across the lips smoothly and offers a sensual look.

Terry Rouge Age Defense Lipstick #103

This is a path breaking firming and volumizing lipstick in the plumping nude shade. It provides a satiny texture and glides easily across the lip to rejuvenate them and provide a stunning pout. It has been made with a push-up and ultra-comfortable lip elixir to offer super seductive lips.

Yves Saint Laurent Volupte #03

This is the ‘Ultimate Beige’ shade of lipstick that offers a creamy and smooth lip color along with a plumped satiny and luminous finish.

Top 10 Lipsticks That Drive Men Wild

Not only this, the lipstick also offers the added protection against UV rays of the sun.

Christian Dior Diorific #006

This is a Bungee Brown shade of Christian Dior lipstick that protects and moisturizes the lips and provides stain-free wear with perfect radiance and depth.

Cle De Peau Extra-Silky #121

Top 10 Lipsticks That Drive Men Wild

This is a slim sized lip color prepared with a mild and ultra-soft formula. It has been designed to glide sleekly across the lips to provide pure elegant color along with an alluring and satiny pout.

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Sisley Phyto Lip Shine # 6 Sheer

It works as a great treatment lipstick in burgundy shade that provides a luxurious shine to the lips. The presence of Mango butter and kokum helps in replenishing the moisture and relieving dryness of the lips.

Chanel Hydrabase #154

This plum shade of Chanel lipstick offers silky satin finish along with a natural sophistication.

Top 10 Lipsticks That Drive Men Wild

The softening and moisturizing formula of this lipstick ensures maximum comfort along with boosting the natural suppleness of the lips.

Kanebo The Lipstick #8

This is a ruby shaded lipstick that helps in enhancing the softness of the lips along with lightening it up considerably.