Top 10 Make Up Kit Essentials For Girls

Top 10 Make Up Kit Essentials For Girls

Top 10 Make Up Kit Essentials For Girls Girls love to do make up. Since they love to do so they even want to carry their make up essentials with them wherever they go out for vacations or holidays. They always want to look the perfect and make up will help them a lot to get the perfect look. A make up kit is a collection of all the products which you require to look presentable everyday.

As soon as you open your kit you will find all the products inside it and you don’t have to search for them and waste your time. You will get everything in it that you require. Put trendy make up products in your collection and don’t forget to upgrade it according to the trend.

Make Up Kit List


Primer helps you to get a flawless look. It is kind of a base coat before application of any other make up product. If you have clear and flawless skin then you can skip this product.


Top 10 Make Up Kit Essentials For Girls

Foundation is very important product. If gives a shine on your face. You should choose it according to your skin tone. It gives you an even and uniform complexion usually chosen according to the skin tone to cover all the flaws.

Face powder

Face powder is used to set the foundation after application. It can be reapplied during the day according to the requirement to minimize the oily look of your skin. You can even buy face powders with sunscreen to reduce the skin damage caused due to sunlight.


Top 10 Make Up Kit Essentials For Girls

Blush is used to highlight the apples of your cheeks. If your skin is naturally tan then you must go in for a bronzer than a blush. Red or pink cheeks give you a more youthful appearance and are also used to emphasize the cheek bones.


Eyeliner will help you to define your eyes properly. Black shade looks good with almost all kinds of skin tone but you can also go in for dark brown as it looks trendy. Use mechanical eye pencils as they are considered better. You can even use dark blue or navy to get an all time perfect look.


Top 10 Make Up Kit Essentials For Girls

Mascara is usually used to enhance the eyes. It is used to darken, thicken or define your eye lashes. For everyday look you must choose either black or dark brown mascara.

Eye shadows

You will find eye shadow boxes or cases with a wide variety of eye shadow shade from which you can choose the color according to your attire and occasion. Normally light colored eye shadows look best for everyday look. But for parties you must go in for shimmery and attractive shades. It is a product applied to your eyelids under your eyebrows to stand out or look more attractive in the crowd. It will compliment your make up very well.

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Lip balm

Lip balms are one of the most important products especially during the winters. It will help you to keep your lips soft and healthy especially during harsh winters.

Top 10 Make Up Kit Essentials For Girls

It will help you to get relieved of chapped or dry lips. These days you get flavored lip balms so you can choose them according to your preference. The petroleum jelly present in the lip balms will help you to retain the moisture in your lips.

Lip gloss

Lip gloss will provide your lips glossy structure. It is not same as lip balm. It can be translucent and mostly provides glossy look.


To apply so many make up products you need a wide variety of brushes, every brush has its own use and must be used accordingly to get the best results. Separate brushes are available for foundation application or eye shadow or eye liners and many more make up products. Invest in good quality brushes so that it lasts for a longer period of time and you don’t have to replace them again and again.

Top 10 Make Up Kit Essentials For Girls

Sunscreen is a must in every make up kit to protect your delicate skin from getting tanned and also protects your skin against sunburn. Use high SPF sunscreen as it gives you better protection. Do get an expert advice if you are unable make a proper choice. You can also carry any make remover product so that you can remove your make up easily if required.

The above mentioned products are perfect for beginners and essential for college girls to get the perfect look. Make up kit is a very important thing for almost every woman. While choosing your products you can go in for any brand but consult an expert and choose them according to your use and budget.