Top 10 Makeup Tips For Blondes

Top 10 Makeup Tips For Blondes

Top 10 Makeup Tips For BlondesThose women that have blonde hair can really face some issues where makeup is concerned. It would be interesting as well as quite significant to know that there are some colors that may prove to be quite insensitive for blondes.Every woman opts for makeup to enhance their beauty and appearance. The same applies to blonde women as well. Therefore, it is necessary for a blonde to know what will suit them the best. The makeup should be as subtle that it doesn’t overshadow the skin tone.

There are quite a number of looks and colors that are a perfect option for blondes. Here are some simple and flawless tips and tricks of makeup for blondes-

Top 10 Makeup Tips for Blondes

The Magic of Pink

Where the daily touch up is concerned, it is suggested that you have a natural look. Herein, pink and rosy shades are applicable for the blush and eye shadow. Also, neutral lip gloss will help you complete the look without any hassle.

Don’t go Bold!

Keep in mind that intense and bold shades and makeup will only worsen the situation for you. Don’t overwhelm your look with deep and extreme colors. This trick is suggested for blondes by the mostfamous and high end brands of cosmetics as well as makeup artists.

The Perfect Shades

The shades that a blonde can use without giving a second thought on it includes pink, nudes, grays and browns.

Trick for the Base Makeup

Choose a base that blends with your skin tone evenly. Once you apply it well it should always be finished with loose powder preferably translucent. This will give you a matte look. The base tone is an important factor to consider since blonde hair tends to augment the flaws.

Highlight the eyebrows

The eyebrows look good and add beauty when they are well shaped and stand out on your face. This can be a problem for blondes.

Top 10 Makeup Tips For Blondes

However, if you try to keep the eyebrow shade a little deeper than the color of your hair, it can work wonders! For the ultimate elegant look, tinting the eyebrows is the best option.

Pay Attention to the Eyelashes

The eyelashes should also be long and well defined for those attractive eyes. To add good length and volume to it use good quality mascara that has short bristles and a long brush. Dull eyelashes are one of the problems that blonde women face where makeup is concerned.

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Lipstick Colors for Blondes

It is recommended to use shades like golden, beige and coral for a flawless and gorgeous look.

Evening Trick for Blondes

While clubbing, try out colors like silver and gray in metallic hues. This will do the trick for you!

For Eye Make up

Eye make up for blondes will totally depend on the color of their eyes. For example, those with brown eyes can easily choose plum and brown shaded eye shadows.

Blush it out!

For enhancing the cheekbones, you need to blush them out. For blondes, peaches and pinks are suggested that can be finished with a touch of bronzer.

These are the top 10 tricks that blondes should definitely experiment with their makeup.