Top 10 Reasons For Relationship Breakups

Top 10 Reasons For Relationship Breakups

Top 10 Reasons For Relationship Breakups A relationship does not break up in the heat of the moment. There can be a number of factors that lead a couple to fall apart. In fact, most couples who break up with each other realize much before it that their relationship is not going to survive because of the problems in it.

Common Reasons for a Relationship Break Up


According to a survey conducted recently, infidelity is the most common reason of a break up. When two people are in a committed relationship and one of them strays it not only breaks the other person’s heart but also signifies the end of their relationship.

Lack of Communication

When a couple stops communicating with each other the gap between them widens and there comes a time when the silence becomes so stifling that the couple finds it easier to break up and live apart rather than living together like two strangers. A relationship needs to be nurtured with love and if there is no communication then it is going to wither with passage of time.

Lack of Understanding

Understanding between a couple brings them together and where there is no understanding people hurt each other’s sentiments. Such a couple cannot make compromises for each other nor can they communicate their emotions effectively.

High Expectations

When two people enter a relationship with high expectations of each other they start expecting perfection. But the bubble is going to burst one day when they realize that their fantasy mate does not exist.

Top 10 Reasons For Relationship Breakups

They expect their partner to behave in a certain manner and when that does not happen the relationship starts falling apart.

Lack of Trust

For a relationship to survive it is imperative that the partners have complete faith in each other. A relationship cannot go strong when one of the partners is always suspicious about the other.

Jealousy and Insecurity

A person may like to see their partner getting jealous and possessive in the initial stages of their relationship but constant acts of jealousy and insecurity can break a relationship. It can lead to major disputes and heartbreak.

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It is often said that opposites attract but can two people who are as different as chalk and cheese stay happy together? People who share nothing in common are more likely to get separated over a period of time.


Top 10 Reasons For Relationship Breakups

A couple who have different spending habits and have a different approach towards finance management can never see eye to eye on this topic. In fact, finance is said to be among the top five reasons for a break up.

Lack of Intimacy

Sex is an important part of a romantic relationship which is why it is important for a couple to keep adding spice to their bedroom activities. As a relationship grows, sex becomes just a part of daily routine and this leads to lack of excitement in a couple’s sex life.

Different Priorities

A couple with different priorities in life is bound to have serious issues in their relationship. It is important that a couple should have similar priorities and a respect for each other’s passions and interests.