Top 10 Wedding Accessories

Top 10 Wedding Accessories

A wedding is a glorious and a cherishable moment for a bride to be. She is nervous, excited and full of anticipation for her new life ahead. The biggest fervour surrounds her wedding dress and the bridal accessories that she will be adorning on her special day. With a wide assortment of wedding accessories to choose from, the choices she exercises can get to be pretty overwhelming.

Some of these wedding accessories can aid her in making well-informed decisions and can also give her a general idea of what is on offer.

Accessories for Wedding

The Wedding Dress

A spate of activity is seen around the bride’s wedding dress. Every bride looks forward to a dream bridal dress. From the gown to the veil, corsets, silk gloves and stockings, everything holds a special place in her heart. Bridal dresses are available in ivory, white and cream. They are showy, sedate, sombre and wildly ostentatious.

Top 10 Wedding Accessories

The choice of the gown is dependent on the bride’s budget as well as her individual style. You have wedding dresses available in lace, satin, ruffles, net and silk. Delicate embellishments like rhinestones, crystals and beads are depicted on the dress. The veil is typically made of net. A fitted corset, gloves and stockings complete the outfit.

Hair Accessories

Once your gown has been outfitted, you need to accessorize it with the right hair accessories and jewellery.  Vintage style tiaras are easily available on sale or on rent. Along with these, do pin up your hair with a jewel or pearl encrusted hair comb. Wedding tiaras are also available in a patina style that gives your look an ethereal appeal.


Eclectic and dressy handbags are just what the bride needs for her wedding reception. A timeless clutch is something that she will always retain as a part of her wedding trousseau and will wear for years even after the wedding is over.


The bracelets have to be chic. It will come as a part of her bridal jewellery. A bride would definitely like to invest in at least one diamond-studded bracelet, which will offset her gown beautifully. Along with this, a statement neckpiece like a necklace is just what a coy bride needs on her wedding day. If your gown is resplendent, you can skip the necklace and just go for sparkling earrings. Some prefer a more sombre look with diamond studs adorning their ears.

Top 10 Wedding Accessories

A hot new wedding jewellery trend doing the round is coloured jewellery with coloured rhinestones being preferred. Just because your wedding dress is white, it does not mean that your jewellery has to be boring. Instead, go in for a splash of colour like going in for jewellery which has blue, pink or black stones.

They will contrast beautifully with your wedding dress. You can also use coloured pearls as a refreshing change from the old, dreary look. Choose pearls in lovely, charcoal grey. They have a shiny exterior and look extremely classy and sophisticated. You can also use sparkling, red rubies as jewellery stones.


Bridal accessories now come with a cool and stylish twist. Plenty of hair accessories come adorned with feathers. For example, you have the bird cage veil with a feathered clip or band. Peacock feathers can be now seen beautiully adorning earrings, necklaces and other pieces of jewellery. Feathers can now be seen in the form of different and eclectic jewellery pieces so make sure you choose only the best.

Head Bands

Head bands are the hottest wedding trend this season. You have cool, svelte and stylish brides opting for the bohemian look with a full wedding head band that runs across the forehead. Most brides are opting to sport this look with long and flowing hair and a voluminous sheath of veil trailing behind them.

Wedding Flowers

The beautiful bride looks very incomplete without wedding flowers adorning her persona. Wedding flowers are now being seen on almost every part of the wedding attire like the dress, hair combs, shoes, brooches, bags, bridal shoes and even the expensive jewellery that she must be sporting.

Top 10 Wedding Accessories

Some brides are trying to be bold wearing splendid and vivacious colours like reds, purples, yellows and fuchsia An important flower accessory is also the bridal bouquet which has to look fresh and befitting the occasion.

Wedding Shoes

We have covered the essentials of the wedding dress but one oft overlooked part of the bridal ensemble is the wedding shoes. No woman likes to compromise on the look of her shoes especially on one of the most important days of her life.

Most designer wedding shoes come in ivory satin and classic satin. The use of crystals and jewels makes these shoes the perfect wedding accessory. While the shoe should look scintillating, it is also important to keep comfort and long-term durability in mind while purchasing wedding shoes.

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Wedding Bands

A marriage is permanently sealed with the exchange of wedding rings or bands. A signature staple is the gold and platinum wedding band worn by couples all over the world. They are renowned for their stately elegance and subtle charm that sets them apart from jewel studded rings. A wedding band can also be sported for decades without the fear of losing it or making it look too over the top. Rings on the other hand tend to look chunkier unless of course you go in for something very simple and classy.

Wedding Veils

Wedding veils essentially complete a bride’s outfit. The veil should complement the bridal gown. Net and lace veils are the best as they subtly cover the bride’s face without making her look too inconspicuous.

Top 10 Wedding Accessories

Decide on your wedding veil well in advance and remember to take them out from their packaging in order to avoid crushing them. Store them in a similar fashion as that of the wedding gown. A wedding is a beautiful time full of untold joy and pleasant memories. With the help of the above accessories, you can have a replete and a fulfilling wedding that you will remember for years to come.