Top 10 Wedding Makeup And Hair Tips

wedding makeup

wedding makeupWedding Day for a woman is perhaps the most important milestone in her life. The idea of tying the knot with your dream man and vouching for a wonderful future together excites every single woman. However, this day of forever bonding may prove to be tiring for a girl, and this may appear on her face.

You don’t want to look fatigued and washed out on your D day, so to show the enthusiasm and excitement that is going inside you, and to look energized, happy and glowing you have to follow certain things.

Wedding Makeup And Hair Tips

Stash Facial Wipes

There are lot of things to do for a bride on her wedding day and sweating is inevitable. Always carry a pack of freshening facial wipes to wipe off the sweat when necessary. This will help to freshen up and look energized for a long time.

Avoid Washing Hair

It may sound horrifying but actually dirty hair enables to hold any updo for a long time. It is better to wash your hair a day before the wedding and you will get any stylish hairstyle easily.

Practice and Trial

practice makeup

It is best to try and practice a look you want to get for your wedding from beforehand if you are not hiring a Pro. Experimenting on that day may result in total mess up. So decide on a look prior to that day for perfect application.

Be Yourself

It is often seen that a girl looks completely different on her wedding day from her actual looks. This is a bad idea and will steal away the real you. Try to remain as yourself, only by enhancing your features with makeup.

Relaxing Session

You don’t want to show how much you stressed had been at work on your wedding day. Try to book a relaxing or detox session at a Spa or go for some pampering at a salon. This will re-energize you and make you look happy from within.

Hire A Makeup Expert

hiring expert

Remember you need to look good even in photos, so it is better to seek help from a person who actually knows the game. A professional makeup artist will be an expert to create the right kind of look that will be suitable for you on that day.

Carry Touch Ups

Try to carry a setting powder, Lip stick and other touch up products of the exact shade that you have used for your makeup. The long hours will require you to fix and correct makeup often, so you don’t want to pile up different shades on your existing colours.

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Use Waterproof Mascara

The mixed emotions in your heart will often end up in tears which may ruin your eye makeup. Try to use a waterproof mascara that will prevent your eye makeup from wearing off and you can pour out your feelings anytime.

Avoid Bold Nailpolish

avoid bold nailpolish

Nail arts and bright neon colours may sound tempting but as your hands will be on a lot of display on that day, try avoiding those. Instead go for some pearly shades as they may look quite angelic and perfect for the occasion. If you still want some brightness go for solid shades like a ruby red or a wine plum.

Layer Makeup

Try to use setting products like primers and concealers to fix your makeup for a long time. Wear concealer before you apply a lip colour and an eye primer to set your eye makeup.