6 Top 1200 Calorie Diet Plan

6 Top 1200 Calorie Diet Plan

This is the oldest rule in the book for women to lose weight. If you were to lose weight and couldn’t zero your mind on a proper diet plan or if you have a lined up failed tried and tested diet plans already, this plan is your bargain. You’ll never regret laying your hands on this plan.

However, you need to be really sincere while through with the diet and control your craving for more calories. The effectiveness of the diet plan entirely depends on your age, gender and height whatsoever. This diet entails a lot of carbohydrate, fibre and sugar content with a lot of fruits and leafy vegetables.

Best 1200 Calorie Diet Plan

There is a simple equation to lose your weight,eat less calories than you intake.Calories get you going by fuelling the body’s requirements and if there is low calorie engaged, the body will use the already present fat within your body itself and you’ll lose weight. Generally, an adult requires at least 3000 calories a day to get going and 1200 calories are much lesser in that respect so the whole equation of losing weight falls in place.

Food That Are Recommended

Make sure to engage a lot of unprocessed food in your 1200 calorie diet plan.There are, however, no specific food recommendations.This diet requires the inclusion of a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables with whole grains, legumes and lean proteins.

Hereunder Is The Diet Plan Laid For You


One cup Cereal with skimmed milk and one Banana.Banana has 90g calories and cereals have at the most 130 g calories in one cup. However that keeps the calorie count within 300 calories and such a light breakfast also gives you easy move.



Tuna sandwich teamed with whole grain bread and mayo that is low in fat.2 Cups of veggie soup made with carrot, red pepper and celery. End the lunch with an Apple. Whole grain bread is rich in fibre content which is a great substitute of carbohydrate. Also, Fibre digests well and doesn’t work up fat.


A lot of vegetables in your lunch will keep your stomach healthy thus a quick digestion and weight loss.Mayo is recommended to add taste to the otherwise dull food. But make sure to engage low fat mayo, that too in limited measure.

Afternoon Snack

Nectarine with lime water. Lime water cuts on fat and like you took an Apple in the lunch, taking Nectarine in snack plugs the need of sugar, protein, vitamin need of your body that only a fruit can give.

afternoon snacks


Grilled chicken breast (3 oz),3/4th cu, ½ cup steamed green beans. Salad (Lettuce, ½ cup Cherry Tomatoes, ½ cup Grated Carrot) tossed with 2 tbsp of Olive oil and Balsamic vinegar.End it with one fresh peach. Again you can see there are lots of vegetables recommended in the dinner.


However, you can always alternate the aforesaid vegetables with other ones. The Grilled Chikhen Breast should be devoid of spices and lot of oil or butter. For that case, grill the chikhen in low heat.

Evening Snack

A small Pear

evening snacks`

Do’s of Following This Diet

Secure your freedom to choose your food according to your like restricting the calorie count because excessive incorporation of wholesome food may kill your hunger. Preferably the dieter should go about a vegetarian diet and avoid animal protein. Stick to the diet if you notice any rapid weight loss, you’re in for a new toned figure. Always remember not to leap beyond the pre determined calorie count.


However, you’ll need to chalk your diet plan accordingly.Some light exercises in the sidelines of the diet are suggested for a quicker weight loss. Also, make sure there are no nutritional deficiencies.You’re likely to feel fatigue and hunger when through with the process and there will be increase in the weight if there is a sudden increase in the calories. If you’re into higher physical activity, don’t dig this diet.


Not only will a diet make much effect on your weight. However, you’ll need to pick up a healthy lifestyle and food habit. Your meals should be full in nutrition. A routine exercise regimen cuts on your fatigue and psychological stress whereby you feel relieved.