Top 4 Abdominal Exercises For Women

Top 4 Abdominal Exercises For Women

If there is one thing that women all over the world dream of, it is a flat belly and killer abs. Maintaining a flat and gorgeous mid section becomes more difficult once you pass through pregnancy. Poor posture also results in weaker abdominal muscles, often leading to lower back pain.

Abdominal exercises not only help in reducing belly fat but also strengthen the abdominal muscles. This would result in a firmer waistline, improved posture and that perfect, chiseled appearance that has been evading you for so long. However, abdominal exercises seldom yield instant results. The routines need to be followed over a long time and need to be coupled with a healthy diet inorder to get the desired results. Following are a few abdominal exercises that you can do at home without any equipment.

Best Abdominal Exercises for Women

Hipless Crunch

To do this routine, lie on your back, face up. Lift both your legs by 90° and bend at your knees, so that the calves are parallel to the floor. Cross your arms across your chest and place your hands on the shoulders. Now lift up your head, shoulders and the upper back by applying pressure on your abdominal muscles.

Top 4 Abdominal Exercises For Women

Exhale as you lift. Now lower your head but do not touch it to the ground. Inhale while you lower. Repeat for as long as you can hold your posture.

Reverse Crunch

Lie on your back, face up. Extend your arms backwards, over your head, onto the floor. Hold onto a heavy piece of furniture that could support you. Now lift up your feet, legs and the lower back. You need not touch your head with the legs or knees. Again try applying pressure to your abdomen muscles. Exhale during the lift. Lower down your legs and inhale as you do it. Continue repeating these as long as you can do the routine steadily and without hurting your neck or shoulders.

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Lie on your back, face up. Place your hands behind your head. Bring your knees close to your chest. Slightly lift up your head, neck and shoulders. Now, touch your left knee with your right elbow while straightening the right leg.

Top 4 Abdominal Exercises For Women

Repeat the same with the other side i.e. touch your right knee with the left elbow, straightening your left leg. Continue doing this for as long as you can hold a steady position. Stop once your neck or shoulders start tensing up.

Side Plank

Lie on your right side. Place your elbow just beneath the shoulder. Your need not rest on the ground. Place your left hand on your hip. With the help of abdominal muscles, lift up your hip, thighs and calves off the floor. The feet need to rest on the floor. Hold this position as long as you can stay steady. Get back down once you feel imbalanced. Repeat this three times on each side. This routine stresses the core abdomen muscles. So, it is advisable to do this once you are done with the crunches.

Each of the above routines targets one particular area on your abdomen. So it is important that you couple the routines to get better results. Abdominal exercises can be done daily so as to get perfect results. In case you have a time crunch, do them at least thrice a week to get effective results.