Top 4 Curly Hair Cuts

Curly Hair Cuts

Managing curly hair is not an easy task and the more longer the hair, the more difficulty it creates. Another thing about curly hair is its ability to get dry easily. So, the best solution for managing your curly tresses is to keep it short with a good haircut. Though, you can always grow them longer, but make sure to properly maintain them in that case.

Besides, if you stay with the option of shorter hair, it will a lot easier for you while shampooing or conditioning. There are plenty of short and cute hairstyles for curly hair. You can pick a simple bob cut to a complex afro style depending on your tastes and preferences. But, why not give yourself a brand new look with an absolutely fresh haircut. Here are some interesting haircuts for curly hair.

Interesting Haircuts for Curly Hair

Curly Bob

This is one of the most manageable hair cut for curly locks. Simply go for a cute bob cut and you can choose the length as per your choice. As curly hair has a lot of volume, a bob cut will help your hair to manage its weight naturally and that too without any effort.

Moreover, this hairstyle can be easily maintained with a bit of hair gel or styling cream. You can also add a feminine touch to your hairstyle by pulling all your strands back with delicate hair accessories like flower hairclips, booby pins or rhinestone clips.

Curly Bob

Spiral Haircut

This cut will work best for you if your hair length varies between medium to longer hair. Simply tell your hairstylist to give your hair a spiral cut. This will give you a complete new look and that too without cutting your hair short. Styling a spiral cut is also very easy. Simply use a bit of styling gel on your strands in various sections and give it some time to dry naturally. You can make a stylish pony tail or simply tie them loosely with a petite feather hairclip.

Spiral Haircut

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Layered Haircut

Nothing can beat a beautiful layered haircut. If your hair is short and curly, ask your hairdresser to give you a cut with deep layers. If your hair is of medium length, go for deep short layers and complement it with a stylish side or front bang.

For bangs, you have to straighten your hair which you can do it at home with a basic hair straightener or even a hair dryer. You can also go for blunt Cleopatra style bangs, which is cut till your eyebrows to shed your old look.

Layered Haircut1

Afro Puffs Hairstyle

If you are more of the hip hop category, a short afro cut will be your best investment. For this, one needs to have tight curls for easy maintenance and style. Nevertheless, you can still go for this stylish hairdo. You can pull back all your strands into short pigtails or you can go opt for cute afro puffs. If feeling a bit lazy, just let your hair loose and let it flaunt its natural wildness.

Afro Puffs Hairstyle