Top 4 Fashion Belts For 2012

Top 4 Fashion Belts For 2012

Fashion is something that is prone to change from time to time. Every year you have new trendsetters for all the fashion addicts. From clothes to shoes and bags to accessories like belts and more, you can see a revolution in all the areas.

However, a lot of people believe that knowing the latest styles in accessoriesis not as important as clothes and shoes. Accessories especially belts help you to bring a change in your look and appearance to a great extent. Therefore, it would be true to say that belts play a significant role inenhancing the personality.

Moreover, the innumerable types and styles of fashion belts that are now available in the market has all the chances of making you look entirely feminine. Another benefit attached with fashion beltsare that they can be combined with any outfit whether it’s formal, casual, evening or work wear. Here are the top most styles of belts that take the front seat in the year 2012-

Top 4 Fashion Belts For 2012

The Corset Look

One of the perfect belt styles that is a must have in your wardrobe is a corset belt. It would be quite interesting for you to know that it comes straight from the scenes of Romeo and Juliet. This makes thestyle connect with a romantic feel. The vintage look is preferable completely for dresses and gowns that have a lacy and frilly touch to it. Also, it is the best accessory for those who have a love for Victorian dresses.

Top 4 Fashion Belts For 2012

The thick look of this belt is the significant feature that helps in highlighting the shape of the body as well as bringing the waist line into notice. This style of belt is available in all the high end brands this year 2012.

Rope Style

This style is typically considered a perfect option for the summer season. The concept is that of a number of ropes tangled together to make a sailor’s knot.

A lot of them also have tassels at the end giving it a perfect feminine look. There can be a number of shades in the same belt where the rope belt is concerned.

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Obi Belts

Another popular style that has been in fashion for quite some years now is the obi belts. This is one style that is back with a bang in the year 2012 as well. In one word, obi belts can be described as beautiful.

Top 4 Fashion Belts For 2012

You will find a wide range of the same in the market made out of different fabrics, colors and patterns. Having a handful of them in your wardrobe is a good idea if you don’t have a budget restriction. Make sure you choose the wide ones that will enhance your waistline completely.

Casual Belts

These are a must have for any woman’s wardrobe be it any season or year. A casual belt never goes out of fashion because it is considered more of a requirement.

Keep a number of different colored and styled casual belts so that you can add on a variety to your look every time you step out of the house. You can also opt for printed ones available in quite anumber of brands.

These are some of the top most belts that will be in vogue this year 2012!