Top 4 Keratin Shampoos For Your Hair

Top 4 Keratin Shampoos For Your Hair

Many of you must be new to the world of Keratin shampoos. Our hair is made up of a protein called keratin. Keratin is produced by the body and it is responsible for keeping the hair healthy and strong. However, an array of damaging factors may degrade the keratin level in the hair, which leads to hair damage and hair loss.

This is where Keratin shampoos come to your rescue. They replenish the lost keratin with each wash and make your hair more elastic and healthy. But, will you pick up just any bottle of Keratin shampoo? Heck no! I am here to help you choose the best one for your hair.

Best Keratin Shampoos for Hair

Brazilian Keratin Smoothing Shampoo

This keratin product is produced by renowned company named- One”N” Only. The shampoo keeps your hair well nourished and smooth while cleansing the scalp too. It restores the lost keratin by penetrating deep into the hair cuticle and reconstructing damaged hair with new hair protein.

Top 4 Keratin Shampoos For Your Hair

Thus, your weak, damaged hair gets a whole new life! It also lends protection against damage and is safe enough to be used every single day. Your hair looks smooth. The shampoo does not even make your hair greasy or oily. The price for an 8 ounce bottle is $8.50. It is available at all leading online stores.

Liquid Keratin Shampoo

If you want to manage your frizzy, damaged and dry hair, the range of liquid keratin shampoos may just become your favorite products! The shampoo moisturizes and protects the hair and covers your hair with keratin complex which increase shine, strength and flexibility of your hair.

The shampoo protects salon straightened hair too. It comes with a natural heat protection agent, so you have no need to buy an extra heat protection agent before you go in for hair styling. You can choose between two shampoos from Liquid Keratin- Keratin infused voluminizing shampoo and Infusing healthy de-frizz shampoo. The products are only available online. The price is about $15 dollars.

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Keratin Complex Care Shampoo

This protective shampoo was designed to cleanse your hair gently without robbing it off the natural protein and other hair nutrients. It breathes back life into your chemically damaged and lifeless hair.

Top 4 Keratin Shampoos For Your Hair

The bottle comes with a hand-pump which makes it easy to use. Keratin complex care shampoo is formaldehyde-free as well as sodium chloride-free. It manages your hair really well and tames the frizz. A 400ml bottle will set you back by $18. It is widely available online but your may also purchase it from salons.

Global Keratin Mosturizing Shampoo

This product has a secret patented formula (JUVEXIN) that works to protect your hair and revive damaged hair. The shampoo leaves your hair feeling soft and looking glossy.

The unique formulation penetrates hair and covers each hair strand, thereby guaranteeing protection and repairing damage. The shampoo is free from sulphates and sodium chloride, thus the keratin that is added is not stripped off! The cost for a 10 oz bottle is $17.50. GK moisturizing shampoo is available online.