Top 4 Skin Creams For Dry Skin

Top 4 Skin Cream For Dry Skin

Dry skin is not the best skin type to live with. It itches and looks flaky if not moisturized properly. With winters knocking at the door and atmosphere getting drier by the day, you’ll need to be armed with a strong moisturizer to beat the winters and flaunt a hassle free skin this season. Check out the best moisturizers designed especially for the “thirsty” skin.

Best Skin Creams for Dry Skin

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion

This product leaves your skin moisturized and soft. It nourishes the skin from deep within. It is composed of rich emollients combined with naturally derived Colloidal Oatmeal that builds a moisture reserve so that your skin replenishes the lost moisture all by itself!

Top 4 Skin Cream For Dry Skin

It also forms a protective barrier to prevent loss of moisture. It lasts all day long and is fragrance free too. A 12 oz bottle is priced at $7. It has to be purchased online either through or other online cosmetic stores.

Palmer Cocoa Butter Formula

Palmer’s cocoa butter formula enriched with Vitamin E is a blessing in a tub! You will forget what dry skin is after you use this product and trust me you will buy it again and again! This is an emollient based product that is made from real cocoa butter and Shea butter. The non-greasy formula lubricates the skin and is absorbed quite readily. It improves elasticity of the skin and helps retain its moisture.

Top 4 Skin Cream For Dry Skin

You will receive instant relief from dry skin when you apply this wonderful cocoa butter formulation. The good thing about the formula is that, it not only moisturizes but also diminishes stretch marks and other spots. It also has SPF 15 and lends protection against the sun. A jar of 100 gm is priced at Rs 500. You can import the product directly from Palmer’s or Amazon. In India you’ll find this product on sites like Urban touch.

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Vaseline Repairing Moisture

Vaseline repairing moisture is a product from the Vaseline Intensive Rescue line of products which have been especially created for dry skin. This is a non-greasy formulation that is absorbed by the skin in a jiffy. It boosts the moisture level of dry skin up by 300% and lasts 24 hours so you no longer have to worry about moisturizing every few hours.

Top 4 Skin Cream For Dry Skin

The unique formulation has Stratys-3 multi layer moisture that penetrates to the deeper layers and heals dry skin. You’ll notice the difference in just 1 day. This particular range is still not available in India and has to be imported. Amazon sells a pack of 3 for about $15.

Jergens Ultra Healing

This unique and effective formula penetrates up to 5 layers of the skin to start the healing process. It hydrates and rejuvenates the skin from the deepest layers. It has Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin B5 that help to lock in the moisture and prevent loss of moisture.

Top 4 Skin Cream For Dry Skin

With regular use, the moisture retention capacity of your skin will increase owing to the intense action of moisture retaining lipids. The moisturized feeling lasts 24 hours. It is best to purchase the product from A 10 oz bottle is priced at just $4.99.