Top 4 Thigh Exercises For Women

Top 4 Thigh Exercises For Women

Top 4 Thigh Exercises For Women Thighs are a real problem area for many women – having perfectly toned thighs is often thought to be unachievable. To keep your thighs in great shape you need to do regular exercises which will shed off excess fat and tone them. Thigh exercises are simple and can be done even while you are working in office.

You just have to be regular and take out at least 30 minutes from your busy schedule everyday. Here are some ways to tone your thighs.

Best Thigh Exercises


Squatting is an all time favorite of many since it is easy to do and very effective. When you are thinking about ways to get thinner or toned thighs, nothing can be better than squatting. You need a stable chair when you do this exercise. Initially start by repeating 8-12 times or as per your level of comfort.

You might experience some pain in your initial days after doing a few squatts. Since, you are working on some of the major muscles of the thighs, this pain is quite normal. Increase the number of squatts slowly as you get used to it and the pain reduces. You will be able to see results within a month.


One of the favorite and most effective exercises for shaping thighs is through lunges. You need to stand while keeping your feet apart. Now, the abnormal muscles need to be flexed.

Top 4 Thigh Exercises For Women

You will then need to put a step forward,preferably with your right leg. Knees should bend to form a 90 degree angle. Slowly push in your heel and then get back to the position you started. This exercise can be done for 15-20 minutes and is very effective in strengthening and toning your thigh muscles.

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Squeezing inner thigh muscles

Inner thighs have the most fat accumulation and lack of exercises can really be problematic. You need to have this area of your body toned regularly by simply squeezing or pressing. Yes, this can be painful but its going to help in toning your thighs. You can use anything which can be squeezed for performing this exercise.

Use a sweater or a towel and place it just between your knees. You can work out by sitting up straight and tucking your abs in. Use your complete strength to squeeze the sweater or towel. Stay in such a position for around 10 seconds and release. You can repeat this as many times as you are comfortable.

Leg extensions

Another easy exercise for toning thigh muscles! You will need a chair. Sit up straight and keep your hands on the chair for balance. Now, slowly straighten your leg and contract the quadricep muscle as far as you can.

Top 4 Thigh Exercises For Women

Try to be in this position for at least 5 seconds. Then slowly get back to the position from where you started. You can perform this exercise as many times as you wish – even secretly without letting any one know!

So, what are you waiting for? Getting perfectly shaped thighs is now easy for you – give it a try!