Top 5 African Wedding Hairstyles

If you’re a Black woman, you want to take your culture, ethnicity, and style, wherever you go. You want to show the world that you have got hairstyles in the world that are meant specifically for your people.

You want to feel proud of who you are. And nowhere is this more important than that on your wedding day. On one of the most important days of your life, be proud of who you are and don’t forget to flaunt it. We empower you with five top hairstyles that are meant specifically for African women.

Stylish African Wedding Hairstyles


Not just your average bangs, fringes are special forms of bangs that are best applied on the textured hair. This is made the best when you have wet or damp hair and then air-dried.


One of the more common styles, this is the way to go if you’re not into styling your hair and you want to try something safe yet stylish for your wedding. There are minor changes depending on your hair but that’s absolutely nothing that can’t be sorted.

Wild And Free

This is the way to go if you’re vocal about who you are and you like to take life with a pinch of salt. It emphasizes on your natural texture and hair length and is a very stylish choice if you’re planning to show the visitors exactly how confident you are about how you look and who you are. Best tried with short to medium-length hair, try it not merely to impress the visitors, but also your man.

Sleek And Centred

This is for the more reserved, elegant woman who likes to present herself in a subtle, subdued manner. Try this if you like to look formal and elegant in your wedding.

Sleek And Centred

The best way to go about this would be to smoothen out your hair with an iron, part it from the centre and tie it behind with a sleek, reserved low ponytail. Try this if you’re somewhat acquainted with hairstyles and know exactly how you want to look in your special day.

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If you’re the type of woman who wants to bring out the young girl in you, go for the plaited hairstyle in your wedding. One of the simplest styles, simply because of how common and yet striking it is, this is best done if you have hair long enough to plait a few turns and smooth enough to plait without considering other styles.

plaited hairstyles

If it’s textured and you really want to try out this style, use an iron to flatten out your hair before trying out this safe, elegant, fun hairstyle.

High Ponytail

This intense, simple style is one of the lesser tried-out hairstyles, because people think it’s too simple. But to the trained eye and to you, it’s easy to see how elegant, yet pompous it actually is.

 high ponytail

Combined with light makeup and tried on straightened or wavy, or even curly hair, this is one of the best styles to try out if you’re confident about your styling abilities and know what you want to portray. On that special day of your life, there should be no compromises about how you look and that means absolutely no compromise with your hair.