Top 5 Beauty Secrets

The first beauty secret is to attain a perfect arch in brows. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. Sometimes due to wrong methods, the hair from various places which make arch get removed and it gets hard to re-grow them.

For precautions, you must tell beautician what you want beforehand and also do not change the person from whom you get your eyebrows done every time. Stick to one person and get it done in ever 10 days. Apply garlic juice in places you want quick hair growth and it would show quick results.

Second beauty secret is application of a good face powder. It keeps the face’s oil in control and keeps the freshness alive for a long time. Dab some face powder whenever necessary and you are one. But remember to clean it up with moisturizer at night as makeup when applied for the whole day stops the skin from breathing which is not healthy.

Third beauty secret is meant for eyes. For the puffy eye which is a common problem, apply couple of chilled spoons. To chill spoons, place them in refrigerator or freezer. Just after this, apply an eye cream so as to moisturize. This would help you reduce the puffiness.

To increase the beauty of eyes, always apply mascara as it gives you bulky lashes. Try experimentation with colored eye liner pencils that match your attire as it helps you to get trendy look.

Fourth beauty tip is meant for the lips. Always make use of matte lipstick as it gives you a sensuous look but to make lips fuller and better, team it up with a gloss, always take matching lip liner, lipstick and lip gloss. Keep the shade of lip liner a bit less than that of lipstick. For the lipstick o last longer, apply a bit of foundation over the lips before you do lip makeup.

Fifth and the last beauty tip suggest you to drink as much water as you can to have a younger looking skin and a healthy body. So follow these 5 beauty tips and see a change in yourself.

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