Top 5 Bio Skin Care Products

bio skin care scrubs

Bio Skin Care is a cosmetic brand manufactured by Export Solutions LTD. Their range of skincare products are marketed extensively to Middle East and Indian Subcontinent. Recently it shares a wide market base in countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt.

Known for their excellent skin repairing ability this skin care range is widely used in Salons and Spas. The products are based with hypoallergenic technology and derived from organic substances and herbal ingredients through rigorous research. Their ranges in skin care can be widely divided into 5 categories:

Bio Skin Care Products


Their ranges of scrubs are ideally suited for every skin types. Enriched with delicious fruity flavours the scrubs are meant to treat skin problems of discolouration, dryness, pigmentation with ease. Various scrubs like apricot, strawberry, olive, blueberry and almond are available both in 200ml tubes as well as in big jars.

bio skin care scrubs

They ideally treats dry skins and boosts circulation and regenerates active cells, thus enhancing the complexion. They clean and unclog pores and refine the texture of the skin for a smoother and soft glow. Skin is purified and cleansed out of dirt and impurities and radiates a beautiful halo. The refreshing and re-energized complexion is visible and noticeable.


bio skin care lotion

The various types of lotions of Bio Skin care are designed to heal and nourish any skin type. They moisturize the skin while rejuvenating and makes it supple and soft. Available in both 400ml as well as 750 ml bottles these lotions increase skin’s vitality and remodify the texture by imparting radiant glow. The lotions include goodness of rose, lavender, Vitamin E and cocoa butter.


Their creams are meant to soften and repair skin. Their superior hydrating properties soothe dry and mature skin. They blend softly on the skin and penetrate easily into the cells by recharging and refreshing the skin. Any signs of dullness or fatigue are eradicated.

bio skin care cream

Available in various fragrances of cocoa butter, papaya, aloevera and Vitamin E these creams are even good as complexion brighteners. The natural ingredients nourish the skin without giving any side effect. The products are researched to be made suitable for sensitive skin.

Shower Creams

The exotic scented shower creams can be used to exfoliate and cleanse the body during a shower, as well as to create oodles of bubbles during a warm and relaxing bath session. The invigorating fragrance recharges the mind and body and is a source of ultimate calmness and tranquillity.

They can be used in the morning for an energizing and recharged day ahead or after a hard day of work for relaxing and soothing the mind and body. Available in heavenly flavours of papaya , lavender and aloevera these shower creams are a must for anyone seeking for a lavish bath.

Body Butters

The body butters are a powerhouse of multivitamin and nourishing ingredients. They effectively nourish the skin and reach unruly areas like heels and elbows to heal chapped and cracked skin. Any kind of dryness and patches are cured instantly with ease.

body butter

The luxurious texture spreads like a cushion of velvet on skin for a revitalized feeling. Infused with goodness of papaya, olive and cranberry these body butters can suffice as ideal gift items for your near and dear ones.