Top 5 Hairstyles And Hair Colors

Your hair is the most versatile natural accessory at your disposal to carry off any look in any situation. Styling your hair the right way can make the right impression with the right people and can help one to go further in life while making her feel confident about herself.

Not only are the styles important, but also the hair colors that go with them to make them more effective. Some styles are better for brunettes, some for blondes, and some even for redheads, and it’s good to know which one is the best for you.

Stylish Hairstyles And Hair Colors

Long Layers

This is a good way to go if you’re trying to play it safe, have long, wavy, and dark hair. A well-tested hairstyle that has been in style for well over the past two decades, focuses on long hair by incorporating long layers in the hair.

Long Layers

A little tip with this is to try it only with dark hair since any lightly colored hair will not achieve the same effect that the dark hair does. So exercise caution if you’re blonde.

The Shag

This is a hairstyle that can be safely tried for both blonde and brunette hair. Usually suitable for short hair, some people like to try it with the hair up to the shoulders.

The Shag

Although there’s nothing wrong with that it’s all a matter of managing to look good with the loose outward curls. This is a unique style since it undergoes small changes in the final styling depending on the length of your hair.

Long With Bangs

A great hairstyle for those with long hair, this style is also quite versatile. It employs traditional bangs and styles the wavy curls of your locks. So nothing goes unattended. Try this if you’re trying to look laid-back but interested.

Long With Bangs

Best for public events, this can be tried with any hair color, the only limitation being that you need hair that goes somewhat below your shoulders. There are subtle variations depending on the nature of your hair, so try it out until you know what’s the best for you.

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The Pixie

This is a special style meant for those with very short, cropped hair. Not only has it got a good fast-paced city-girl feel, it’s also a great hairstyle to try out at events where you might have the camera glare on you.

Pixie Cut

Tried and tested by numerous celebrities it can be effectively carried off with any shade of hair and even highlights individuals making this a very efficient hairstyle for people with exceptionally short and cropped hair which won’t grow back fast.

The Bob

The safest and the most versatile hairstyle of them all, this is suitable for almost any texture of hair, and even goes with almost any hair color, provided your hair’s not too short or too long. Any length between the neck to slightly below the shoulders is perfect for this casual, laid-back, low-maintenance hairstyle that is very manageable on the working days and to quickly get ready for any event. 


With every woman’s hair being unique, it’s important that one chooses the right hairstyle for oneself to look good, gorgeous and magnificent.