6 Home Remedies To Treat Cholesterol

6 Home Remedies To Treat Cholesterol

Today,high levels of cholesterol is found in adults,teen and children too. It is a growing health issue.This is well contributed by our lifestyle and dietary changes.Increased cholesterol can lead to a number of diseases further on. Let’s understand What is Cholesterol? It is a fat, waxy like substance produced by the liver. All the cells in our body have got cholesterol as an outer layer.

But when too much cholesterol gets accumulated in the body plaque which is a thick deposit that gets formed in the arteries, making the arteries harder thus narrowing the space for blood to pass which may cause heart diseases. Our daily diet,body weight, exercise, age and gender, heredity are some of the factors that determine cholesterol level in a person’s body.

In initial stages,a few modifications in our diet can control the cholesterol levels and for this our very own home remedies can work great.Illnesses varying from a simple cold to cancer can be treated with the help of a number of home remedies. Here we bring you a list of best home remedies to control cholesterol.

Best Home Remedies For Cholesterol

Have Garlic

Adding garlic to your diet can reduce and control the cholesterol level.The properties within garlic can help reduce blood pressure and prevent against blood clot.The best way to consume garlic is to have it raw, eat one clove in the morning on empty stomach.If not so, try including it in your daily meals.It shall help without causing any side effects.


More Fibre

Dietary fibre is found in vegetables,fruits, legumes and unrefined grains. Whereas,soluble fibre is present in oats, bran, flaxseeds, apples, lentils and beans.

These will help in lowering the cholesterol levels. They act as antioxidant for the body. Try having 5 to 10 grams of fibre a day to keep the cholesterol levels in control.


Stay Fit

Make it a point to exercise regularly to stay fit and yes of course to control cholesterol.Design your own workout plan. There should be a balance of fun and exercise because that you will follow regularly.One could try walking, swimming, biking, jogging.

exercise & meditation

At least 30 – 45mins a day should be devoted for exercise.Exercise helps in controlling cholesterol by stimulating enzymes that helps cholesterol to move from the blood vessels to the liver from there it’s converted into bile for excretion.

Vitamin C

Try having food with Vitamin C.Many studies and researches have shown that Vitamin C helps the liver to produce HDL i.e High- Density lipoprotein ( good cholesterol ) which in turn shall help reduce LDL i.e Low-Density lipoprotein ( bad cholesterol )which is beneficial for the body.Vitamin C rich foods include lemon, guava, Indian gooseberry. Having 400 mg of Vitamin C daily will help fight cholesterol.

vitamin c

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No Smoking

If you do, try to quit smoking as early as possible.There are many health hazards associated with smoking.By stopping that habit, your body produces more of HDL ( good cholesterol ). And yes of course there are too many benefits you enjoy after quitting it.Cholesterol Control is just one of it.

no tabacco


There are many foods which will help you out in your battle against cholesterol.Try having carrots, at least 1-2 per day, it will lower cholesterol levels.Soy is rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds that fight with cholesterol and get it down.

green tea 1

Green tea is also said to reduce LDL and raise HDL  which will help the body. So try on these simple home remedies to get back cholesterol down to normal and enjoy a healthy life!