Top 5 Homemade Exfoliators


Our skin is the largest organ of our body. It breathes, sweats and does a lot of work which we are not aware of. How would you feel if your nose is covered with a patch, making it extremely difficult for you to breathe? You wouldn’t even want to imagine a situation like that, isn’t it? Well, imagine your skin covered in a patch of dead cells and dirt!


Can you imagine how difficult it will become for your skin to breathe and perform its functions flawlessly? Sadly that’s what happens when we do not exfoliate our body regularly. Our skin when covered with dead cells turns dull and lacks elasticity and luster. Hence, exfoliation is one of the most important skin care regime which you should include in your beauty routine immediately.

What Is An Exfoliator?

An exfoliator is an agent that exfoliates, that is, scrubs the skin to remove dead cells and reveal soft and smooth skin underneath. With regular usage, your skin starts glowing with health. There are two types of exfoliators – the ones for your face and the ones for the rest of your body. Do not mix both of these. The exfoliators or scrubs for your face are mild and suited to the sensitive skin of the face while the scrubs for the body are coarse and suitable for the skin of the rest of the body parts.

Although there are a plethora of brands available in the market which sell quality exfoliators, nothing beats the ones you can whip up in your own home. That way, you know that your exfoliator doesn’t contain harsh chemicals and are absolutely natural and full of goodness. Make sure you get hold of natural ingredients which are of good quality. These wonderful exfoliators will surely add a natural glow and smoothen your skin.

Exfoliator for skin

Olive Oil And Sugar

This is one of the easiest and most effective exfoliators which can be made in your own kitchen. Take 1/3 cups of extra virgin olive oil. Make sure that you invest in a good quality olive oil. In this olive oil, mix 2/3 cups of coarse granulated sugar. Put a few drops of lemon juice in this mixture. Mix well and apply it liberally all over your body in brisk circular movements.

Keep it on for ten to fifteen minutes and wash off properly with warm water. You can ideally follow this regime before bath. This exfoliator can be whipped up and stored in airtight jars for a span of six-seven days but the best way would be making it fresh and applying it immediately. Make sure you apply moisturizer after washing it off.

Olive Oil And Sugar

Salt And Rose

Sea salt or coarse salt is an excellent exfoliating agent. Take half cup of coarse salt and mix two to three tablespoons of beauty oil of your choice. There are many oils available in the market, ranging from almond to jojoba to olive to sesame. The list is endless and so is the choice. Pick your favorite. To this mixture, add in a few drops of rose essential oil. Rose has anti-tanning properties and adding a rose flavored essential oil makes this scrub smell heavenly.

Mix well and scrub your body with this mixture in circular movements. The best thing you can do is soak yourself in a warm water tub for ten minutes before washing off the scrub. This way, the warm water opens up the pores and scrub goes deep inside to work its magic. If you apply this scrub twice or thrice a week, your skin will not only feel wonderful, you will notice the tan or sunburn fading away slowly.

Salt And Rose

Baking Soda And Face Wash

This exfoliator or scrub is for your facial skin. Please note that the skin on the face is different from that of your body. Our facial skin is prone to break-outs and redness once it comes in contact with a harsh substance. Hence, do not apply the exfoliators meant for your body on your face.

A very easy to make face scrub for you facial skin is baking soda mixed with face wash. Make sure you use baking soda and not baking powder. The chemical make up for both is different. Baking powder is slightly more alkaline than baking powder. Add a pinch of baking powder in your liquid face wash and clean your face with this mixture. Scrub lightly and wash with cold water. You can carry out this process once a week to get smooth and clear skin. Baking powder is known to remove sun tan and blackheads.

Baking Soda

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Brown Sugar Magic

Brown sugar is a very common ingredient for confectionaries and drinks. This wonderful ingredient can be used as an exfoliator too. It is slightly coarse than normal sugar which makes it a great exfoliator.

Take half a cup of brown sugar and mix in two tablespoons of almond oil. Mix well and add a handful of raw crushed oats. Now add any essential oil of your choice. Just add two to three drops of the essential oil in order to balance the aroma. Apply this mixture liberally on your body and let it dry a bit. Wash off and follow up with a good moisturizer.

Brown Sugar Magic

Mix And Match

The basic ingredients for a quality exfoliator are salt/sugar, beauty oils and essential oils. Once you are adept in making exfoliators, you can mix and match ingredients of your choice to make your own custom exfoliator. Make sure you mix two parts of salt/sugar with one part of beauty oils and just two-three drops of essential oil.

The salt and sugar should be ideally coarse as it helps in exfoliation. Some good beauty oils available readily in the markets are olive oil which is good for dry skin, sesame oil which is a good anti-oxidant, jojoba and almond oil which are good for all skin types and a few others. Try exotic essential oils to add that zing and luxury to your exfoliation ritual. Some good options are rose, sandalwood, lavender, lemon, mint, orange, grapeseed, et al.

Make sure you follow up with a quality moisturizer every time you exfoliate your body. With these easy to make exfoliators, you can easily get the ‘peaches and cream’ glow on your skin. Turn yourself into the goddess you deserve to be. Invest a little time from your busy schedule to exfoliation and make the heads turn and jaws drop.

Mix & Match