Top 5 Lipstick Beauty Tips For Sexy Lips

Lipstick Beauty Tips For Sexy Lips

Lipstick Beauty Tips For Sexy LipsLipstick has been an item of necessity amongst women since a very long time in history. Its use can be traced back to the time of pharaohs when Cleopatra used to have her lipstick made by crushing the carmine beetles as it gave a deep red color to the lips.

After this came the lipsticks with shimmering effects which were made by using preadolescence in the fish scales. White faces and red lips became a hot fashion statement during the time of Queen Elizabeth-I reign. During that time, lipsticks were prepared using beeswax and stains obtained from different plants.

In the later years, the launch of the movie industry boosted the popularity of lipsticks all over again and it became the daily addition to the faces of most women across the globe.

It is a known fact that the lips of a woman becomes smaller and thinner as she ages. Few women who have the financial means go for collagen injection to keep their lips looking plump.

However, there are a number of other tips and techniques that can be used to enhance the size and beauty of the lips and make them look sexy and desirable. Here are some of the best tips to get those sexy lips you have always desired:

Top 5 Lipstick Beauty Tips for Sexy Lips

Tip 1

One of the easiest, yet most effective techniques to get sexy lips is to apply a lip-liner matching the color of your lipstick. Alternatively, you can also use a lip-liner of a soft natural tone to line your lips before applying the lipstick.

Lipstick Beauty Tips

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Go for a waterproof mechanical lip defining pencil available from Aloette in 6 sultry shades. This lip-liner not just helps in outlining the lips and giving it the right shape but also work as a great cover that protects the lip color from fading away.

Tip 2

To start shaping your lift, use your lip-liner from the center of the upper lip and draw a line towards the outer corner on both sides of the lips. After this, start from the corner of the lower lip and make a line reaching the opposite corner.

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Tip 3

It is extremely important to ensure that the lip color that you apply remains on the lips alone, not on the teeth. After applying the color, place the index finger of your hand in the mouth and draw it out slowly, keeping the mouth closed. This helps in getting rid of the excess lip color.

Tip 4

You can create sexy and sultry lips by using rose, pink or similar natural glossy lip color on the lips. This not only helps in shaping up the lips but also helps in enhancing the natural hues of the skin. Some of the best lip colors that you can try include Petal from Lip Colors lipstick or Rose Dust from Liquid Lip Shine.

Tip 5

After applying the lipstick, give your lips a finishing touch by applying Lip Sheen on top to achieve shiny and healthy looking lips. This also provide the additional benefit of hydration as well as Vitamin E to the lips.

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