Top 5 Make Up Tips For Teenagers

Make Up Tips For Teenagers

Teenage is the time when one stats to become over conscious about the personal looks. Looking ad feeling beautiful is one of the major issues among teenage girls. They want to look best and attractive.

If a teenage girl is not able to look good then it can become a major stress full factor in her life. Remember that if they get stress this can add to the unattractive look and can make them look more unattractive. So, the first thing teenagers should follow is to be patient and go in for practicing right tips. Most of the teenagers start the use of make up in order to enhance their looks.It is very essential to follow right make up tips to look beautiful. Use of wrong make up tips can lead not only ugly looks but also harm the delicate skin of teenagers. Teen girls are very much attracted to the beautiful looking make up products and this is the time when they actually start making their collection of makeup products. However, a teen age girl should have right knowledge also to use these make up products in the right manner for the right look and effect.

Use Of Right Makes Up Products

Right Makes Up Products

The most important thing which one should follow in order to get beautiful looks in the long run is to choose right make up products for the application of makeup. The skin of the teen girls is soft and subtle and the use of wrong products on it can lead to permanent harm to it. Use of makeup products which have natural ingredients is a sensible thing.This can fulfill their desire to do make up also and at the same time this can prevent the contact of harmful chemicals on their skin. Most of the makeup products are chemical based so it is very essential for a teenage girl to read the ingredients of the makeup products before buying them.Remember that the chemical based products can give you beautiful look today but can cause various skin problems in the late twenties and thirties. So, it is better to be cautions during teens only to prevent the occurrence of flaws in the skin in future. Always test the makeup product on the wrist or ear lobe before applying it on the face.

Use Anti Acne Make Up Products

Anti Acne Make Up Products

The most important thing that a teenage girl should keep in mind is that the teenage skin is very prone to acne because of the hormonal changes at this age. Acne can lead to many serious skin problems which can make you look very ugly. So, it is better to prevent this problem rather than curing it.The use of wrong make up products can trigger this problem and it can actually go out of control because of it. Therefore, use of anti acne make up products is always recommended for teenage skin. These products are non oily and prevents occurrence of more sebum on the skin. So, make these products your choice for the right look and feel.

Use A Concealer And Face Powder

Face Powder

A teen girl should strictly avoid the use of foundation on the face. Instead a concealer should be used. Apply it on the marks and freckles and blend it nicely for the natural effect. Make sure you use a light concealer and the dark one can give very gaudy look. The next step is to dust powder on the face.

Eye Make Up

Eye Make Up

Use a toothbrush to line the lashes of the eyes. Then with the help of soft eye pencil fill the gaps on the eye brows. The use of eyeliner is a good option for teenage girls. Make sure to put very thin line on the upper eye lid.Avoid thick lines as it can give a very loud look. Try to keep it as natural as possible. Remember that doing dark and loud make up can give a very mature look. So, in order to avoid such look keep it as subtle and natural as possible.

Use Of Blush

Use Of Blush

Apply blush on the cheeks. Depending on the type of party and time of party, apply the shades from light to dark. Blending it well gives a natural effect. Use a light gloss on the lips to give a beautiful look to the lips.

Add Some Sparkle


Adding the sparkle adds to the fun and it looks very girly also. So, sprinkle some sparkle on your hair, neck and eye lids. This will give a very funky look to the teenage girls. Again don’t overdo it. It will spoil the overall look. Choose the colour of the sparkle according to your skin tone and also according to the colour of your dress. These sparkles should preferably be used when you are getting ready for a night party. Sparkles generally don’t look good in the day functions.

Make sure that the teenage make up is done to enhance the looks not for the heck of doing make up. The need of the makeup is very less during this age as the skin has natural tenderness and glow. So, doing over makeup will just spoil the look and give a very artificial look. The teen girls look best in the simple make up so keep it as subtle as possible. The choice of right products is very essential for the right look so take the help of the adult to choose the right products and you can also check and find these products online.If you are unable to apply the make up in the right way then it is better to consult a professional and take his advice to apply the make up perfectly. Remember that the application of right makeup needs lot of practice and patience so; don’t expect wonders in the first attempt. Enjoy the beautiful look with these amazing make up tips and make the teenage years the most beautiful looking and wonderful days of your life!