Top 5 Modern Chain Braid Hairstyles For Women

Braided hairstyles have been a famous trend for many years and are now one of the most stylish hairstyles. With the different kinds of braids that can be made on the hair, from French braids to braided pigtails and daisy braids, the most famous out of all are Chain Braid Hairstyles.

They look similar to a French braid are inverted and have a little twist to it. Instead of three sections of hair, the chain braid has only two and these are knotted together to form a chain like braid. Listed below are the types of Chain Braid Hairstyles for women.

Chain Braid Hairstyles For Women

Single Chain Braided Hairstyle

In this kind of a braided hairstyle, the hair is created to form a single braid on the hair. The hair is sectioned at the top of the hair and with the help of two sections of hair; a braid is created taking the third section of hair, while moving along the side of the head to the end.

single chain braid

After creating the entire braid, the hair would resemble a single chain made alongside the head. The ends of the hair that is flowing out can either be tied in a bun or tied together to form a cute ponytail.

Chain Braided Pigtails

This is the traditional king of pigtails that women would style their hair with, in the old days. The hair is portioned into two sections. One side of the hair is sectioned into two parts and a knot is created, continuing the same procedure right down to the end of the head. The hair on the other side is styled in the same manner and can be tied at the end with the help of an elastic band. The two pigtails can be left to hang separately or the two can be adjoined in the middle and fastened together with a bow.

Chain Braid Headband

This stunning style includes the chain braid created on the top of the head at the crown. It is a typical bohemian hairstyle for women. The chain braid is created from one side of the head behind the ear, parted into two sections and knotted.

chain braid headband

This should be continued over the top of the head right to the other side, behind the ear. The hair can be pinned together with the help of clips or pins. The remaining section of the hair at the back can either be left loose or tied up.

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Double Chain Braided Hairstyle

In this hairstyle, the chain braid is created right above the eye and styled till it reaches behind the ear. This braid lies only on one side of the head. The second braid is created just below the first one and directly parallel to the first braid.

double chain braid headband

The hair that is left to flow behind the ears can be tied together or pinned up behind the ear itself. The remaining section of the hair can either be left loose or curled into wavy locks.

Double Chain High Ponytail Braid

In this hairstyle the hair is tied back into a high pony tail and held together with a clip or elastic band, leaving a few inches of hair falling around the sides of the face. The hair should be portioned into 3 parts. The two parts that lie on the sides should be made into chain braids and fastened to the big pony at the back of the hair. The middle section of the front of the hair is combed backwards and a tuft is created and pinned in front of the ponytail. This hair style is extremely unique and can be worn for formal as well as casual occasions.

These are the five most common chain braid hairstyles for women for this season. Most women like to go the extra mile and are not afraid of being bold when it comes to styling their hair in the most exquisite way. These hairstyles are extremely eye-catching and very unique in their own way. So why wait, try out one of these chain braided styles and be sure that no matter where you go you would surely stand out among the crowd!