Top 5 Natural Cures For Ear Infection

ear infectionEar infections have given trouble to the little ones and elder people all the time. It is extremely painful and uncomfortable. It should never be taken lightly. Very few people know that most ear infections are a result of viruses and virus never responds to antibiotics.

Ear infection can disrupt one’s routine life and it can be wearisome. It makes the sufferer feel miserable. If not treated on time, ear infection may lead to other complications. Few natural cures have been found really useful for ear infections. So we present you the top 5 natural cures for treating ear infection.

Best Natural Cures For Ear Infection

Breast Milk 

Ear infections are found to be more common in kids and infants. When you are dealing with an infant suffering from ear infection, the best natural remedy would be breast milk. It has antibodies that naturally help fight the infection in infants. Just take a dropper and put few drops of breast milk in the affected ear. Repeat this every few hours. This can be really comforting and can help in curing the infection in just about one or two days.

Essential Oils 

Take one drop of lavender oil and mix it with one tablespoon of any carrier oil. Mix these two well together and start rubbing it from your ear down towards your jaw line. You can also rub it down to your chest. This remedy has been proved to be really effective for ear infection.

lavender oil

You can also take few drops of eucalyptus oil with few drops of lavender oil. Boil water and add these drops to water and cover up your head with a towel and take the steam in by breathing. Make sure you don’t use too much oil or heat.

Hot Compress

hot compress

Heat application can also help you combat your ear infection better. Take a small water bottle and fill it up with warm water. Now press this against your affected ear. You can also take some heated salt in a handkerchief and press it against your infected ear. Hot compress is believed to bring good relief in ear infection naturally.

Mullein Drops 

Mullein is a kind of a flowering plant that grows wildly anywhere. You can take one teaspoon of mullein flowers and boil it with one cup of water. Let it boil properly and then let it cool completely.

Mullein Drops

Now mix one tablespoon of this oil with one tablespoon of olive oil and let it stay overnight. Next day, use this mix in your ear to get instant relief from the pain and heal the ear infection faster.


Yes, you heard it right. Using one’s own urine can also be an excellent cure for ear infection. Put few drops of your own urine into the affected ear using a dropper. Now lie down still with your affected ear up, so as to let the urine seep in properly. This remedy has shown unbelievable results on infants specially. Often after putting drops of urine, infants go off to sleep. This is because it gives an instant relief in pain. So do not avert the idea of using your own urine as a natural cure for ear infections.

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