Top 5 Natural Cures For MRSA

MRSAThe current times are really trying for people who end up with infections. This is because of the new proliferation of super bugs that are resistant to even the most recently created antibiotics. This is true even for the bacteria that cause MRSA and other flesh eating bacteria.

Medical science is at a loss for treating infections caused by these super bugs. Luckily there is always a natural cure for MRSA that will destroy even the most resistant bacteria. These natural antibiotics are easily found all around us and sometimes even in our kitchens. At the most a trip to the local health food store may be required to procure them.

Best Natural Cures For MRSA


This is a kind of clay of the bentonite family which is found only in the mountains of Wyoming. However, with a little research you will be able to locate herbal stores and health food stores that sell this clay.


It has excellent powers of healing infections of all kinds. Its topical application helps in drawing out the infection from the wound within days or even hours sometimes. Within a few days the patient will experience complete recovery. This is the best natural cure for MRSA.


Chinese medicine and the Indian medicine system of Ayurveda have used turmeric for centuries for the treatment of various infections. It has strong anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties.


It can be consumed internally to strengthen the immune system of the body and help it fight the infection from inside, while a topical application will remove the infection from the area locally. For best results you can mix Pascalite and turmeric making a paste with little water and applying it topically on the skin lesion to act as a potent natural cure for MRSA.

Oil of Oregano

This is an essential oil and is well known for its properties that kill bacteria, and fight staph infections like MRSA. It is a wonder oil with antioxidant, antiseptic, anti fungal, anti parasitic, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory and pain alleviating properties.

oregano oil

Studies have proven that the antibacterial properties of oil of oregano are at par with the best of antibiotics in the treatment of resistant superbugs like salmonella, E coli, flesh eating bacteria and MRSA.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

This essential oil is a strong antibacterial, and has shown efficacy in destroying antibiotic resistant MRSA causing lesions on the skin. You should make use of undiluted therapeutic grade oil for this treatment. The best quality oils are quite mild, making them applicable even on open wounds as a natural cure for MRSA.

Olive Leaf Extract

Olive Leaf

Olive leaf extract is a cure herbal extract and is used in the treatment of several infections including bacterial and fungal infections of the skin. It is currently being used in many European hospitals in successfully treating MRSA. Olive leaf extract possesses an active compound that supports and boosts the immune system to fight off the infection while it also helps to destroy antibiotic resistant bacteria. Hence it is an excellent natural cure for MRSA.